Islamic Relief’s global family and partnerships—including local staff in more than three dozen countries—maximise our ability to respond to urgent situations with efficiency. We also maintain the highest standards of practice and cultural sensitivity when working with vulnerable communities all over the world.

Our Global Emergencies Fund

By donating to our Global Emergencies Fund, you can help ensure we have a contingency fund that can be used to prepare communities for disaster so that when an emergency does hit, the impact on people’s lives is reduced.  When you give to our General Emergencies Fund, you make it possible for us to respond to crises immediately, even if there is little news coverage of the emergency.

Syria Emergency

Location: Idlib, north-west Syria

Date: Ongoing

Our response: As the crisis enters its tenth year, the people of Syria have been suffering the devastating consequences of war with seemingly no end in sight. A generation of children are growing up knowing nothing but war.

Right now, our teams are on the ground providing life-saving aid, including:

  • Medical supplies
  • Health assistance

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Gaza Emergency

Location: Gaza, Palestine

Date: Ongoing

Our response: Decades after the conflict first began, life remains uncertain for many Palestinians – particularly in Gaza. Economic development has been stifled by political instability, constant conflict, and the continuation of blockades.

As a global organisation, Islamic Relief has a longstanding presence in Gaza supporting vulnerable communities. Our teams are currently on the ground providing:

  • Health assistance
  • Medical supplies
  • Food aid

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Location: Throughout the country

Date: Ongoing

Our response: The situation in Yemen has been described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, in which more than 20 million people are at risk for famine. Our teams on the ground are trying to get as much aid as possible to at-risk families in the form of:

  • Food aid
  • Medical support
  • Water and sanitation

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Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Date: August 2020 to present

Our response: On the brink of an economic collapse, Lebanon was dealt another blow on 4 August when its capital city, Beirut, was devastated by a huge explosion that sent shockwaves across the city. Our global teams are on the ground providing urgent humanitarian assistance in the form of:

  • Food aid
  • Hygiene kits
  • Health assistance

PLEASE NOTE: Donations made to Islamic Relief Australia’s Global Emergencies Fund may serve urgent or long-term programs in Australia or across the world.

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poverty, alleviating the suffering of people globally and overcoming injustice of all kinds.

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