Ararat Islamic Welfare Association

Ararat Islamic Welfare Association (AIWA) is currently in the process of constructing the first Mosque and an Ararat Islamic Community Centre (AICC) in Ararat.

The AICC will cater to a wide range of towns, including Beaufort, Stawell, Wallura, Great Western, and the Grampians region, all within a 100 km radius of Ararat.

The Centre’s programs will support various segments of these towns’ Muslim and wider communities, including those most vulnerable. Their work will extend to aiding members of the refugee communities, the homeless, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Strategically situated just 400 meters off the Western Highway connecting Melbourne to Adelaide, the AICC also aims to meet the needs of Muslim travellers along this route. The project is currently underway, but we need YOUR help to make this vision a reality.

By contributing to the construction of the Mosque and Community Centre, you help ensure a place for worship and community activities for generations to come.

Join us in making a difference for our rural Victorian Muslim communities in Australia. Be a part of building a Mosque and Community Centre that will serve the diverse needs of the community and travellers on the Western Highway.