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Yemen is in Crisis, Raise Your Voice for Our Brothers and Sisters in Need

For almost a decade, hunger, poverty, conflict, disasters and epidemics have left the people of Yemen facing one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world. With the nation’s systems on the edge of total collapse, millions desperately need humanitarian aid, just to survive.

A Decade of Compounding Disasters

7.4 million people are at risk of famine in Yemen as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis continues. Ten years of conflict have deepened Yemen’s poverty, devastated its infrastructure, and caused widespread hunger and suffering.

Compounded with the aftermath of COVID-19, increasing living costs and the effects of climate change, Yemen’s population are struggling to meet even the most basic needs. To the point where there are more people in need of humanitarian aid in Yemen than in most other countries in the world.

Yemeni boy sitting in his family's house, which has been destroyed by air strikes.
Photo: Yemeni boy sitting in his family’s house, destroyed by air strikes.

The Devastating Impact

Within the ongoing conflict in Yemen, tens of thousands of lives have been lost. Over 20 million people also don’t know where their next meal will come from.

In 2021, torrential rain continued across Yemen, leading to severe flooding. More than 170 people lost their lives, with many others severely injured. In turn, an estimated 300,000 people lost their homes, crops, livestock and possessions. More flash floods hit the country in 2022 and 2023.

floods in Yemen
Photo: The damage caused by the flood in Yemen is catastrophic.

Yemen was already one of the poorest countries in the region. Now, it is on the brink of famine and collapse.

With families facing ongoing armed conflict, displacement, disease and economic decline, an estimated 24 million people (80% of the country’s population) need humanitarian aid just to survive. It is a figure so high that it is, in fact, one of the highest in the world. Yemen now officially hosts the world’s largest human-induced food security crisis.

Families and communities have been torn apart and left without even the most basic of living essentials:

  • 19.7 million people need basic healthcare
  • Almost 18 million people need water and sanitation facilities
  • Over 3 million people displaced by the conflict
Baby receiving treatment in the Yemen Cholera Emergency
Photo: The effects of the Cholera Crisis in Yemen

Islamic Relief advocating for the people of Yemen

Islamic Relief supports the people of Yemen in their struggle against poverty and hunger. We urge our international community to join us in advocating for the rights of our Yemeni brothers and sisters to be upheld and honoured.

This includes ensuring their access to food, education and livelihood support. As well as access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities. They also deserve access to health and nutrition centres. Including centres that can provide Yemeni babies, children and pregnant women the treatment they need to regain a healthy weight.

Help us advocate to the world not to forget about our brothers and sisters from Yemen. Share this page with your loved ones and the community.

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