Help at Home

With around three million plus people living in poverty in Australia, we recognise the increasing challenges at home – from families battling food poverty, increasing homelessness to the many issues faced by refugees and asylum-seekers. 

Our local work includes combatting challenges faced by women, promoting and facilitating the development of young people, battling crippling poverty (as seen by our partnership with Brothers In Need) and supporting refugee resettlement and integration. We also support local emergency response initiatives across Australia. 

This includes our work with Shoalhaven Council to help rebuild the community after the devastating fires from the summer of 2019.

In an increasingly difficult climate, we’re striving to support as many people as possible to improve their lives and ease suffering. So it is paramount that we band together as a community sharing core Islamic values to help alleviate suffering to the best of our ability.

“They ask you, (O Muhammad), what they shall spend. Say: That which you spend for good (must go) to parents and near kindred and orphans and the needy and the wayfarer. And whatsoever good you do, lo! Allah is Aware (Al-‘Alim) of it ” (2:215).


Help us continue to make a positive impact at home.

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