Tasmania Northwest Islamic Association

The Tasmania Northwest Islamic Association (TNWIA) is an organisation dedicated to fostering community development. TNWIA aim is to address the diverse social challenges encountered by both the Muslim and wider Australian communities.

This project is not simply about building a centre. It’s about creating a hub for community growth and support.

The scope of the TNWIA’s planned programs and projects is comprehensive and inclusive. These are designed to support various segments of the community, including those most vulnerable. Their work will extend to aiding members of the refugee communities, the homeless, and the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in Tasmania.

This endeavour underscores a commitment to bridge gaps within the community and foster connections among its diverse members. The contributions from this initiative aim to positively impact the community, providing support and resources where they are needed most.

Join us in making a difference. Support the Tasmania Northwest Islamic Association project – a beacon of hope, unity, and inclusivity for the Tasmanian community.