Lebanon Emergency Appeal


  • An economic collapse and spiralling inflation has devastated Lebanon
  • The World Bank describes the rapid economic decline as one “associated with conflicts or wars”.
  • The Lebanese currency has lost more than 90 percent of its value
  • Increasing unemployment and livelihood loss
  • Hunger and food crisis of mammoth proportion
  • Crucial supplies, including basics such as food, fuel and medicines are in short supply.
  • People have exhausted their savings and pensions
Photo: Aftermath of destruction caused by Beirut blast.


A collapsed economy and spiralling gasoline prices has resulted in an escalation of violence and deep unrest. Fuel is scarce in Lebanon, which has grave implications for the approaching winters. The currency has collapsed over the past two years, causing inflation to skyrocket, and more than half of the population live below the poverty line.

Lebanon is seeing an increasing numbers of COVID positive cases, with more than 2,000 cases recorded daily. The country has seen a 29% hike in cases in the last 7 days. Public demonstrations and roadblocks continue across the country after the latest petrol tank blast that claimed 28 lives and caused injuries to hundreds. 

Lebanon is also home to largest numbers of Syrian refugees, numbering 1.5 million.

Photo: The Islamic Relief Lebanon team worked with the people who were affected by the explosion to clean up their streets and houses.


Islamic Relief has had a long history of serving those in need in Lebanon, and we were the first on the ground providing aid and support, distributing emergency food and hygiene kits. A year on from the Beirut port blast, we continue to help communities build their lives through numerous programs.

Islamic Relief Australia is working with Islamic Relief Lebanon to reach people impacted by the compounded challenges of COVID-19 and the economic downfall that has resulted in wide scale unemployment, hunger and humanitarian crisis. 

This is the power of your donations. Please keep our sisters and brothers in Lebanon in your prayers as they continue down the long path to a full recovery, and continue to support humanitarian work by donating.

Photo: Lebanon Beirut explosion.

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