Lebanon Emergency Appeal


Already on the brink of an economic collapse, Lebanon was dealt another blow on 4 August 2020 when its capital city, Beirut, was devastated by a huge explosion that sent shockwaves across the city. The disaster caused widespread destruction and left the local community shattered – pushing the people of Lebanon deeper into despair.


At least 180 people were killed, 6,500 more injured and an estimated 300,000 people were left homeless.

Refugees, including 1.5 million Syrians and over 300,000 Palestinians, constitute more than one quarter of Lebanon’s population. This makes it the highest per-capita concentration of refugees in the world.
The mass influx of refugees has placed unprecedented strain on Lebanon’s economy, public services and infrastructure, as well as on social relations within the country’s fragile sectarian balance.

The pressure is felt in all sectors including education, health, housing, water and electricity supply. As time goes by, competition for jobs and resources is also fuelling tensions in certain areas between Lebanese host communities and Syrian refugees

While Lebanon has remained a generous host, the Government took measures in 2015 to restrict the entry and legal stay of refugees, raising concerns about their safety and well-being. Hence, humanitarian and development support is needed to support refugees and vulnerable Lebanese, to mitigate the impact of the crisis and maintain Lebanon’s stability.


Islamic Relief teams are on the ground in Lebanon.

Having carried out a thorough needs assessment, Islamic Relief teams in Beirut have identified food, water and shelter as the most urgent needs.

Your donations will fund an immediate emergency response and wider long-term rehabilitation.

Our initial response will focus on distributing ready-to-eat meals, hygiene kits and health assistance to support people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.


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