IEACA Community Hub

The Cranbourne Masjid Youth & Community Hub (established by the Islamic Education and Awareness of Casey Association (IEACA)) serves as the first major Islamic centre in the Cranbourne area, a home to over 15,000 Muslims. More than just a place of worship, it is a hub for community development, unity, and the fostering of robust citizenship.

The vision of the Cranbourne Masjid Youth & Community Hub transcends boundaries. It aims to build bridges with all communities, groups, and institutions, fostering regular dialogue to enhance relationships. The hub further enriches the community with insightful sessions delivered by subject matter experts.

Youth development stands central to the hub’s mission. The diverse facilities provide an ideal space for the youth to interact, engage in recreational activities, and grow into responsible, productive individuals.

The programs and projects that the centre will implement in Victoria will include support for those in need, members of the refugee communities, the homeless and the CALD communities.

Proudly collaborating with Islamic Relief Australia, the hub is set on a visionary path to meet the various needs of the local community. Support the Cranbourne Masjid Youth & Community Hub – a beacon of growth, unity, and inclusivity in the Cranbourne community.