Who will lend Allah a good loan so that he can increase it many times? (Qur’an 2:245)

Imagine being trapped in the cycle of poverty without the means to invest in a better future for you and your family. Imagine waking up every day and not knowing how you will put food on the table, provide long-term shelter and care for your family, or send your children to school.

Without the means to buy tools, seeds, crops, purchase animals and invest in business, the little way out of poverty for vulnerable communities globally seems impossible. But with Islamic Relief, there is hope!

Funding futures

Globally, 767 million people live below the poverty line of less than US$1.90 a day and more than 200 million people remain unemployed. Our livelihood projects empower vulnerable families with the skills, knowledge and resources to generate a stable income (e.g. from running their own business) so they can provide for themselves and break the cycle of poverty.

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Millions of people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water, basic toilets, and have little or no awareness of good hygiene practices. This can lead to poor health and increased risk of disease and even death. To combat this, we deliver life-saving water and essential sanitation and hygiene facilities to communities that need it most.  

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Education is a crucial driver of development and a key factor in alleviating poverty and improving livelihoods, health outcomes, gender equality and creating a better world. Currently, approximately 260 million children are out of school, and many are unable to read or write, despite attending school. 

Through our education projects, we aim to ensure that the communities we work with have access to schools and basic education – helping to overcome poverty in the long term. 

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Growing Futures

At Islamic Relief, we don’t believe in simply providing one-off care to support children and orphans in need. We instead invest in children’s long-term futures, supporting their families, carers and local communities to provide sustainable solutions to poverty and inequality.

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For those less fortunate, even small health interventions – from improved hygiene to vaccinations – can make a huge difference. Through the support of our donors, communities all around the world are given the tools they need to empower themselves toward healthy living and creating a better world.  

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Islamic Relief Australia is a humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to fighting
poverty, alleviating the suffering of people globally and overcoming injustice of all kinds.

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