Gold Coast Community Centre

Established in 1984, the Islamic Society of Gold Coast came about to unify the community.

Within the Gold Coast is a diverse community with over 10,000 Muslims from over 60 different cultural backgrounds.

The organisation first built the Gold Coast Mosque, completed in 1995. However, as the needs of local Muslims and Muslim tourists grew, so did the demand for more diverse services. Thus, in 2021, the Gold Coast Community Centre was built.  

The Gold Coast Community Centre provides a range of services and facilities. It includes a canteen, auditorium, cultural centre, fitness centre, Dawah centre, and multi-purpose sports stadium. The Centre also serves as a venue for events and weddings.  

Activities available at the Community Centre include a youth program, a women’s program, English lessons for new arrivals, mental wellness coaching and counselling, and a homelessness support program assisting with meals.  

Islamic Relief Australia and the Islamic Society of Gold Coast are partnering to further enhance the Gold Coast Community Centre. To improve on the Centre’s ability to service, connect and engage with the Muslim and wider community in Gold Coast. 

We want the Centre to be an asset for everyone in the community, providing a modern, safe space that encourages integration, inclusivity and mutual respect.  

We hope to support those in need, including members of the refugee communities, the homeless and the CALD communities, and help address the various social challenges that our Muslim and wider Australian communities face.