Projects That Save Lives

Together, we are ending suffering and building brighter futures

When emergency strikes, where communities need to rebuild, Islamic Relief are there, saving lives. 


As a part of a global family, our networks mean our teams can be on the ground, reaching even the most dangerous and remote areas to help those most in need.


As it is our mission to deliver aid and sustainable development projects that not only help support vulnerable families and communities, but lift them out of poverty and suffering – for good.


From Islamic giving to emergencies to sustainable livelihoods, learn more about how you can help transform lives around the world through our projects.

Where You Can Help

Islamic Giving

Food Packs

Our ongoing Food Programme distributes food packs to thousands of families in need, relieving hunger in over 30 countries worldwide.

Eid Gifts

Islamic Relief is sharing the joy and festivities of Eid al-Adha, delivering Eid Gifts to children in need worldwide across 18 countries. 


Palestine Emergency Appeal

Since the onset of the violence, our teams have been on the ground, working closely with global and local partners to deliver lifesaving aid from within Gaza.

Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Islamic Relief is on the ground, delivering urgent aid, including health services, tents and more, to disaster-affected areas in Afghanistan. 

Sudan Emergency Appeal

The conflict in Sudan, which has raged on for almost a year now, is pushing the nation to breaking point. Our teams are on the ground, providing ongoing relief.

For a Better World

Rebuilding Türkiye-Syria

Islamic Relief is helping rebuild lives and providing urgent healthcare to the most vulnerable groups, including displaced Syrian families, affected by last year’s devastating earthquakes.

Rebuilding Pakistan

Our teams are on the ground in Pakistan, delivering flood recovery efforts that extend far beyond emergency relief, including building disaster-resistant homes in regions most affected by the floods. 

Supporting Livelihoods
in Nigeria

In Nigeria, where extreme poverty, malnutrition and displacement are rampant, our teams are providing livelihood opportunities for families and communities, supporting their growth and powering their future.

Supporting Primary Health Services in Jordan

Our teams in Jordan are focusing on preserving access to essential primary health services for the most vulnerable refugees, focusing on women and girls and people with chronic illnesses.

Clean Water for Communities in Lebanon

Islamic Relief is providing access to clean water to vulnerable communities in Lebanon, rehabilitating and upgrading water schemes, distributing personal hygiene kits and conducting awareness sessions.

Clean Water for Communities in East AFrica

Islamic Relief is combating water scarcity in East Africa by providing access to clean water to families in Somalia and the surrounding countries.

Providing WASH at Schools in Pakistan

Islamic Relief is rehabilitating and improving WASH services in Pakistan’s schools, ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment for children in need.

Orphan Housing for Indonesia

Orphan families in Indonesia are among the most vulnerable to climate change. Islamic Relief is transforming the lives of these families who need our support with disaster-resistant housing.

How You Can Help

From Palestine to Afghanistan, Nigeria to Indonesia, Islamic Relief is delivering urgent help and long-term support to families and communities affected by poverty, conflict and disasters.


Your donations have the power to be a lifeline for millions of people around the world. See how you can help support our projects in the booklet below. 


Your donations have allowed to provide relief to families and communities
in need, time and time again. Help us continue our life-saving work.