Southport Islamic Centre

Southport Islamic Centre is the second largest Islamic Centre in the Gold Coast. It was established to accommodate for the various needs of a growing Muslim community. It is situated less than 10 minutes from Surfers Paradise, making it a prime location to also serve the needs of Muslim tourists. There is ample parking and easy access.

The Southport Masjid was purchased through Qard Hasanah, with some donors cashing in their life savings so that the local community enjoys a multifunction centre that provides for all age groups and genders.

Due to the Pandemic, Southport Islamic Centre could not fundraise traditionally and need our help to finish paying for the masjid.

Islamic Relief Australia has signed an MOU with SPIC and is honoured to be part of a visionary journey to fulfill the various needs of our QLD local community.

Support and empower the Queensland community by helping to establish Southport Islamic Centre.