Ramadan Resources


With each new year, another Ramadan draws near! And we’re excited to celebrate this blessed month with you!

In this month where blessings and rewards from Allah SWT are multiplied, how can we, as Muslims, make the most of it?

Here is a list of handy resources to help get you and your loved ones truly ready for the Holy month ahead!

May these blessed days be a means for us to connect with Allah SWT and our community with sincerity and gratitude!

Spiritual Preparations


Ramadan begins at the start of a new moon. View the timetables for Ramadan 2024, available for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Ramadan Action Plan

Are you prepared for Ramadan? For the most blessed time of the year, here’s a daily planner that helps you make the most of it. 

Ramadan Kids' Activity Book

Make this Ramadan one you’ll kids will never forget. Keep them engaged with this kit filled with games, colouring pages and more!

All About Zakat

What is zakat?

Find out about Zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam – compulsory on every sane Muslim with wealth above a certain threshold (Nisab).

Zakat Toolkit

Confused by all the information available about Zakat? We’ve put together a simple Zakat toolkit with everything you need to know.  

Zakat Calculator

How much Zakat do we pay? What do we owe Zakat on? Discover the value of your Zakat by using our Zakat Calculator!

What is NIsab?

Nisab is the minimum amount that a Muslim must have before they are required to pay Zakat. But how much is it for 2024?

Zakat On Gold

Do I need to pay Zakat on the gold I own? Does this include jewellery? Work out how much Zakat to pay on your gold assets with ease.

When to Pay Zakat

It’s important to pay Zakat on time. However, what happens if certain circumstances push us to advance or delay paying Zakat? 

Ramadan Blogs

More Resources