Refugees from Gaza, seeking safety in Australia, face immense hardships. They not only need protection but also opportunities to heal, grow and integrate into a new community.


These families, having escaped conflict and displacement, now tackle the challenges of adapting to life in Australia – navigating cultural differences, overcoming language barriers, and managing rising living costs.

Help Gaza refugees rebuild their lives

Gaza to Australia: Nurturing New Beginnings

Islamic Relief remains deeply committed to aiding Gazan families, both in Gaza and as they start anew in Australia. Our “Gaza to Australia” initiative is an extension of this commitment, offering a lifeline to refugees seeking a safer, more stable life.


At the core of our initiative are our local partnerships and a seamless digital system, ensuring that our focus stays centred on offering compassionate, hands-on support to those in need.


Each family’s journey is unique and our comprehensive assessment framework is tailored to recognise this. We delve into the heart of their experiences, providing support that goes beyond financial support, touching lives in ways that foster healing and growth.

Why Support Families in Australia?

In Australia, we help families navigate their new environment with dignity. Understanding the challenges of cultural adaptation, language barriers and living costs, we provide not just aid, but a nurturing presence to ease their path to a brighter future.


With Gaza to Australia, you make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have lost so much. For Gaza refugees, your support extends beyond financial aid. It ensures that these families receive not just essential resources but also the vital emotional support they need to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope. 


Join us in transforming lives – your donation today can be the cornerstone of their new beginning in Australia.

Gaza to Australia Frequently Asked Questions

Gaza to Australia is an initiative by Islamic Relief Australia, in partnership with local organisations, that supports Gazan refugee families in their resettlement and integration into Australian society, offering them a pathway to rebuild their lives in a new and safe environment.

The assistance provided includes comprehensive support, tailored to each family’s needs, covering emotional wellbeing, cultural adaptation, language assistance and help with living costs.