Funding futures

Empowering Transformation: Beyond Aid Distribution

We believe in transformative change

At Islamic Relief, we focus on more than just distributing aid; we invest in futures, empowering the 1 in 10 people worldwide living in poverty to transform their lives. The struggle of daily survival without the means to invest in better futures often seems insurmountable. However, we believe in hope and sustainable solutions.


Instead of relying on temporary hand-to-mouth support, we aim to help vulnerable communities break free from the cycle of poverty. By offering environmentally-friendly solutions like cash grants, interest-free loan schemes, and education, we provide the tools needed for individuals and families to stand on their own two feet.


Our mission goes beyond mere aid; we strive to protect dignity and independence, funding futures that change lives for the better.

Pictured: One of our beneficiaries in Bosnia was able build to build a mini raspberry farm with our assistance, providing her family with regular income.

SCALE: Sustaining Community Led Enterprises

Islamic Relief Australia’s SCALE intervention is dedicated to empowering vulnerable communities in Mindanao, Philippines. This project focuses on poverty alleviation and livelihood improvement in 10 villages across 5 municipalities within Maguindanao province.


Targeting vulnerable women, youth, and indigenous groups, the initiative establishes agricultural-based enterprises to foster sustainable livelihoods, support peace initiatives, and nurture local female leadership.


Through the creation of four cooperatives in Bangsamoro, the project achieves its goals of social and economic upliftment, contributing to peace efforts and community unity.

Empowering Change in Nigeria

Over 8.4 million people in Nigeria’s poorest region urgently require humanitarian aid due to extreme poverty, hunger, and displacement, worsened by non-state armed groups.


Islamic Relief Australia, with Australia for UNHCR, aids internally displaced persons (IDPs) by distributing essentials and livelihood kits, empowering 1,141 IDPs to build self-sustaining livelihoods. These kits include items for women and girls, agriculture, livestock, fishery and business start-up kits for entrepreneurs.


The focus on self-employment and vocational training aims to restore dignity, resilience, and autonomy for families facing adversity.

our partnership with UNHCR

At Islamic Relief, our partnerships are pivotal to the impactful work we achieve. Working closely with renowned organisations such as UNHCR allows us to extend our reach and maximise our effectiveness in transforming lives.


On a global scale, Islamic Relief Worldwide’s association with UNHCR underlines a commitment to shared values, trust, and common goals. This partnership transcends mere financial support, emphasising mutual learning, capacity building, and enhanced programme efficiency.


Islamic Relief Australia also has a special relationship with AUSTRALIA FOR UNHCR, collaborating on global projects like those currently in Nigeria. This partnership mirrors our global alliance with UNHCR and leverages shared expertise and values. Together, we’re creating a legacy of positive change that resonates internationally. Our collaboration is a testament to what can be achieved when like-minded organisations come together to serve humanity.


Empowering Women in Bosnia

We are supporting our communities across the world, including communities impacted by poverty and hardship in Bosnia. The story of Begović Fata, a resilient mother


Partnerships bring together diverse expertise, resources, and shared goals, amplifying the effectiveness and reach of our programs, both locally and globally.

Nigeria’s poorest region faces extreme poverty, hunger, and displacement. Over 8.4 million people urgently need humanitarian assistance, with non-state armed groups exacerbating challenges

The SCALE project empowers vulnerable communities in Mindanao, Philippines, specifically focusing on women, youth, and indigenous people. By establishing agricultural-based enterprises, SCALE aims to provide sustainable livelihoods, support peace initiatives, and foster local leadership.

Islamic Relief Australia actively engages in funding futures by providing comprehensive support to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nigeria. We lift them out of poverty by distributing essential relief items and then supply livelihood kits, enabling IDPs to establish self-sustaining livelihoods.