“The best gift a father can provide for their child is an education.” [Tirmidhi]

Globally, a staggering 260 million children lack basic literacy skills.

Every child deserves a quality tuition. It’s the key to a brighter future, offering the chance to learn critical skills, grow in self-confidence and escape the brutal cycle of poverty.

What’s more, not only does accessing education help each and every child build their own futures, but it also impacts on generation after generation within even a single family, even bringing blessings to the wider community.

At Islamic Relief, we believe in the need to educate, learn and grow – helping each child to gain a critical education, learn much-needed skills and grow a bright and happy future insha’Allah.

Case Study:

Islamic Relief is investing in education in Tunisia as part of a plan to build hope and ambition among young people.
Local dignitaries attended a special opening ceremony to launch the programme, which aims to build confidence in a better future through education.

The project, run alongside the government’s strategy to improve education, will build the capacity of schools and libraries in Medenine governorate, in south eastern Tunisia. Islamic Relief will train teachers in modern and creative teaching methods, and help schools organise a series of extra-curricular and sports activities to boost pupils’ interest in school, and help tackle lateness and unauthorised absence among children.

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