Melbourne Grand Mosque

Melbourne Grand Mosque is one of the largest mega centres in the whole of Victoria, the facilities are geared at bringing people together to foster harmony and strong citizenship, development of knowledge and skills in an ethically structured manner.

“It’s not just a mosque for one cohort of the community. This is a mosque for everyone.”

MGM aims at being a bridge to all communities, institutions and groups where discussions and dialogue are regularly held to maintain and improve relationships. Subject matter experts would be regular in delivering presentations for the community’s benefit.

The youth are particularly expected to benefit as they would have a place to interact with their peers with sport and recreation among all of the other facilities giving them a great prop to become upstanding and productive

Islamic Relief Australia has signed an MOU with MGM and is honoured to be part of a visionary journey to fulfill the various needs of our VIC local community.

Support and empower the Victorian community by helping to establish Melbourne Grand Mosque.