Islamic Relief’s Response to Flash Floods in Somalia


Somalia is currently grappling with flash floods, and the Islamic Relief Somalia team is actively responding to this emergency. In the Gedo region’s Bardhere District, these floods have wreaked havoc, claiming lives and displacing thousands of people.

Flash Floods in Bardhere District:

The sudden floods in the Gedo region of Somalia have reportedly killed 14 individuals, displaced 8,000 people, and caused extensive damage to property, including household shelters. While flooding is a yearly occurrence in this region, this year’s rains arrived earlier than expected, catching residents off guard.

Impact on Affected Communities:

The flash floods have led to the destruction of property, farmland, and shelters. Displaced individuals now find themselves living in makeshift shelters on higher ground, contending with overcrowding, a lack of clean water, and limited access to sanitation facilities.

Islamic Relief’s Ongoing Efforts and Emergency Response:

Islamic Relief was already operational in the affected area, working to support families displaced by drought. However, the flash floods have exacerbated the situation, increasing the risk of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) outbreaks.

To address this urgent crisis, Islamic Relief Somalia has initiated an immediate response, aiming to provide unconditional cash transfers, non-food items (NFIs), water trucking, and shelters for 5,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs).

A Continuing Drought Crisis:

It is crucial to note that the current floods are limited to three states near the rivers, while other states continue to suffer from a prolonged drought. These recent rains do not signify the end of the drought, which requires sustained rainfall to alleviate the situation.

Islamic Relief is committed to supporting the people of Somalia as they navigate the challenges posed by both flash floods and the ongoing drought. Our team remains dedicated to providing assistance and resources to those in need during these difficult times.

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