Food Packs

Help feed the most vulnerable

Join Islamic Relief Australia this Ramadan in supporting families in need with our Food Packs. By donating to our program, you can help provide nutritious food to vulnerable families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Our Food Packs include a variety of staple food items, such as rice, pasta, lentils, canned vegetables, and other essentials. This range of nutrients ensures that families have the food they need to celebrate, enjoy and engage in the blessings of the holy month without worry.

821 million people across the globe live in deep poverty and struggle to feed their families. Many do not know where their next meal is coming from.

Through our food packs, we’re able to provide aid and sustenance to families facing hunger and food insecurity, within Ramadan and beyond. Your support can help us continue to drive change and empower those who need it most.

Together, let’s make a difference this Ramadan with compassion and hope. Donate a Food Pack now and help us provide essential food items to families and communities in need.

Give food to those in need

The Prophet (ﷺ) said “The best of you are those who feed others.” (Ahmad). Give a food pack now to provide relief this Ramadan.

Food Pack FAQs

  • Where does Islamic Relief distribute food packs?

    Islamic Relief delivers Food Packs to the most needy families in developing communities. This year, the Islamic Relief global family is assisting 32 countries.

    These include those in need in Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh (Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals), Bosnia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mali, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine (Gaza), Sri Lanka, Somalia, Sudan, Türkiye (Syrian Refugees in Türkiye) or Yemen.

  • What items are included in the food packs?

    The contents of our food packs vary based on which country they’re being delivered in. This is to account for the different needs and customs of people in different countries as well as supply. In general, each food pack contains local, staple food that a family of up to 5 people can enjoy for one whole month.

    Contents may include rice, flour, vegetable oil, salt, pasta, beans, peas, sugar, lentils, dates and much more.

  • Why does a food pack cost more than previous years?

    Compared to previous years, we have seen prices of goods increase by 50% on average.

    In other countries, prices have increased by MORE than 50%, including in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebanon, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine (Gaza), South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria and Yemen

    As a result of this, to maintain the quality of aid we are delivering, we have had to increase how much we allocate towards creating a food pack.

    Despite this, our price increase is still well below market as we maintain strong relationships with suppliers and wholesalers around the world.

  • How are Ramadan food packs delivered in time?

    We work up to six months in advance preparing our Ramadan programme. We organised with food suppliers, identifying people most in need and making sure the food in the pack meets nutritional needs and local cultural expectations. We deliver to 34 countries with all the different variation in each country. Delivery is at the start of Ramadan. You can give your donation to the food packs at any time during the Ramadan Appeal. This means that even if you donate in the last 10 days, we ensure that a family has received their food pack on time.