Announcement: Launch of the Muslim Response Group (MRG)

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Talha ibn Abdullah reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

“Certainly, I had witnessed a pact of justice in the house of Abdullah ibn Jud’an that was more beloved to me than a herd of red camels. If I were called to it now in the time of Islam, I would respond.”

An alliance in an unprecedented time
Our faith calls on us to cooperate with one another in good deeds, justice, and mutual benefit for humanity. It is in this spirit that Islamic Relief Australia has formed an alliance with National Zakat Foundation Australia, AusRelief, Muslims Around the World (MATW) and Penny Appeal Australia,  called the Muslim Response Group (MRG).

The MRG is a unique alliance that brings together Australian Muslim humanitarian organisations to coordinate local efforts in responding to the current COVID-19 crisis.

As a collective, the MRG  is delivering critical support to vulnerable people in our local community through financial assistance,  food aid and advocacy initiatives.

MRG Members are committed to coordinating their services and activities to ensure our combined resources (funds, knowledge, human resources) are being used in the best way possible and that duplication and wastage is minimised, if not eliminated.

Services that the MRG will be offering:
The MRG will be coordinating access to seven services:
• Essentials – delivery of essential food packs and staples to vulnerable community members
• Hardship fund – financial assistance for individuals and families
• Funerals – information on funeral procedures and links to funeral director services
• Islamic organisations – financial assistance to small community organisations to pay bills etc.
• Well-being – mental health, drug and alcohol and counselling services
• Government assistance – Links to various Government support packages available for individuals, families and businesses
• Islamic help – pastoral care services

How can I access these services?
These services can be accessed via the dedicated portal established by the Group: mrg.org.au. You can also access these services directly from the member organisation or partner organisations’ websites.

How can I help?
You can assist financially by donating to Islamic Relief Australia. If you are a service provider, delivering services in  one of the seven service areas listed above, you can contact the Group to come on board as a partner organisation. Use the Feedback option on the MRG website.

Together we are stronger
Now more than ever, the need to join hands is clear. We’re humbled by the chance to work together with our brothers and sisters from these participating organisations. We will work together to co-ordinate responses to such crises so we are able to mobilise quickly and while playing to each other’s strengths.