A lesson in the Power of Community Resilience and Faith


A big shout out to the Muslim community at the Garden City Mosque in Toowoomba, Queensland.

The community has experienced a series of serious setbacks in establishing itself. Arsonists burnt down their mosque, TWICE! But they have been undaunted and are currently completing their new mosque, bigger and better.

Between all these obstacles, the Mosque congregation has maintained its faith and continued to support those in need. The Garden City Mosque congregation consists of members of at least 12 CALD communities, many of which have recently arrived. This diverse community sticks together and looks out for each other. The Mosque leadership has also made a concerted effort to be active members of the community by participating in various civic structures and events, including interfaith groups, an annual International Food Festival and open mosque days.

Photo: Community leaders in Toowoomba come together at the Garden City Mosque.

The Mosque held a Covid clinic on consecutive Saturdays to encourage and facilitate public vaccination at the height of the Covid crisis. This is a community that cares and is steadfast in their faith.

All of this is worth it. Local and state bodies have recognized the Garden City Mosque community for its inclusiveness, kindness, kindness, and civic participation.

The Chairperson, Prof Khan, leads a dedicated and enthusiastic team who are always looking for ways to support the community. Islamic Relief Australia is proud to be associated with the Garden City Mosque community and in helping them build the Muslim community in Queensland.

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