Supporting Families Affected By Covid-19


It’s been tough for many families

The journey through the Covid 19 pandemic has been extremely difficult.

The recent lockdown has been particularly difficult for residents of Sydney’s twelve Local Government Areas, which have been most affected.

For many, the Covid 19 pandemic has been financially and emotionally devastating. The restrictions have limited their ability to work.

For others in difficult circumstances, such as those with disabilities or limited mobility, such as older people, the lockdowns can be very distressing.

Photo: Maie from Islamic Relief Australia helps pack food and non-food items in care packs for 70 families affected by the recent Covid-19 lockdown.

Islamic Relief Australia and Brothers In Need join forces

While the government has provided some assistance to many people, there are those who do not qualify. Some refugees and asylum seekers on particular visas are not able to access State support.

Islamic Relief Australia has joined up with Brothers in Need to organise a drive to distribute care packs, food and non-food items to support those in need. The project is supplying packs for distribution to those:

  • In quarantine and unable to get supplies
  • Those not eligible for State support (some refugees and asylum seekers)
  • Single parents
  • Those with disabilities
  • The elderly

Beneficiaries have been checked to ensure they meet the criteria and are logged into a database. Beneficiaries received a weekly basket of assistance.

Besides providing economic support, the packs also provide a sense of belonging and the knowledge that someone cares for them.

This feeling of community belonging is a valuable factor in maintaining mental health.

Photo: Care packs to be distributed among 70 families affected by the recent Covid-19 lockdown.

The Covid 19 Relief Project has been reaching 1400 people per month.

Photo: Peter and Maie from Islamic Relief Australia help with the distribution of care packs.

The project is only possible through the generous support of our donors and volunteers.

Although the lockdowns are over, the pandemic financially shattered many families, leaving them with no reserves. They still struggle to get by.

Islamic Relief Australia and Brothers in Need will still be there and help ease their suffering.

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