Ramadan Calendar 2024

Ramadan in 2024 is expected to begin on the evening of March 11th, 2024, and end on the evening of April 9th, 2024, depending on the sighting of the moon. 

As the Islamic (Hijri) calendar follows the lunar cycle, the month of Ramadan rotates back by approximately ten days each year.

Find Your Ramadan Timetable for 1445/2024

The following Ramadan timetables for 2024 indicate the prayer times for Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Timetables for other cities can also be found below. 

These timings have been verified by the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), using the first Mithl for Asr. The exact date for the beginning of Ramadan will be confirmed upon the sighting of the new moon.

Please Note: The prayer times listed are start times. Check your nearest Masjid (Mosque), Musalla, or Islamic Centre for Jamaat times.


12-MarTue15:28 AM6:52 AM1:10 PM4:26 PM7:18 PM8:48 PM
13-MarWed25:29 AM6:53 AM1:10 PM4:25 PM7:17 PM8:47 PM
14-MarThu35:30 AM6:54 AM1:09 PM4:25 PM7:15 PM8:46 PM
15-MarFri45:31 AM6:55 AM1:09 PM4:24 PM7:14 PM8:45 PM
16-MarSat55:32 AM6:56 AM1:09 PM4:23 PM7:13 PM8:44 PM
17-MarSun65:33 AM6:56 AM1:09 PM4:23 PM7:11 PM8:43 PM
18-MarMon75:34 AM6:57 AM1:08 PM4:22 PM7:10 PM8:42 PM
19-MarTue85:34 AM6:58 AM1:08 PM4:21 PM7:09 PM8:40 PM
20-MarWed95:35 AM6:59 AM1:08 PM4:21 PM7:07 PM8:39 PM
21-MarThu105:36 AM6:59 AM1:08 PM4:20 PM7:06 PM8:37 PM
22-MarFri115:37 AM7:00 AM1:07 PM4:19 PM7:05 PM8:36 PM
23-MarSat125:38 AM7:01 AM1:07 PM4:19 PM7:03 PM8:35 PM
24-MarSun135:39 AM7:02 AM1:07 PM4:18 PM7:02 PM8:33 PM
25-MarMon145:39 AM7:03 AM1:06 PM4:17 PM7:00 PM8:32 PM
26-MarTue155:40 AM7:03 AM1:06 PM4:17 PM6:59 PM8:30 PM
27-MarWed165:41 AM7:04 AM1:06 PM4:16 PM6:58 PM8:29 PM
28-MarThu175:42 AM7:05 AM1:06 PM4:15 PM6:56 PM8:28 PM
29-MarFri185:43 AM7:06 AM1:05 PM4:15 PM6:55 PM8:26 PM
30-MarSat195:43 AM7:06 AM1:05 PM4:15 PM6:54 PM8:24 PM
31-MarSun205:44 AM7:07 AM1:04 PM4:14 PM6:52 PM8:22 PM
1-AprMon215:45 AM7:08 AM1:04 PM4:13 PM6:51 PM8:20 PM
2-AprTue225:46 AM7:08 AM1:04 PM4:13 PM6:50 PM8:18 PM
3-AprWed235:46 AM7:09 AM1:04 PM4:12 PM6:48 PM8:18 PM
4-AprThu245:47 AM7:10 AM1:03 PM4:12 PM6:47 PM8:17 PM
5-AprFri255:48 AM7:10 AM1:03 PM4:11 PM6:46 PM8:17 PM
6-AprSat265:49 AM7:11 AM1:03 PM4:11 PM6:46 PM8:16 PM
7-AprSun274:49 AM6:11 AM12:03 PM3:10 PM5:44 PM7:14 PM
8-AprMon284:49 AM6:12 AM12:03 PM3:09 PM5:43 PM7:14 PM
9-AprTue294:50 AM6:13 AM12:03 PM3:09 PM5:42 PM7:13 PM


12-MarTue15:45 AM7:12 AM1:33 PM5:05 PM7:49 PM8:57 PM
13-MarWed25:46 AM7:13 AM1:33 PM5:04 PM7:48 PM8:55 PM
14-MarThu35:47 AM7:14 AM1:32 PM5:03 PM7:46 PM8:54 PM
15-MarFri45:48 AM7:15 AM1:32 PM5:02 PM7:44 PM8:52 PM
16-MarSat55:49 AM7:16 AM1:32 PM5:01 PM7:43 PM8:50 PM
17-MarSun65:50 AM7:17 AM1:31 PM5:00 PM7:41 PM8:49 PM
18-MarMon75:51 AM7:18 AM1:31 PM4:59 PM7:40 PM8:47 PM
19-MarTue85:52 AM7:19 AM1:31 PM4:58 PM7:38 PM8:46 PM
20-MarWed95:53 AM7:20 AM1:31 PM4:57 PM7:37 PM8:44 PM
21-MarThu105:54 AM7:21 AM1:30 PM4:56 PM7:35 PM8:42 PM
22-MarFri115:55 AM7:22 AM1:30 PM4:55 PM7:34 PM8:41 PM
23-MarSat125:56 AM7:23 AM1:30 PM4:54 PM7:32 PM8:39 PM
24-MarSun135:57 AM7:24 AM1:29 PM4:53 PM7:31 PM8:36 PM
25-MarMon145:58 AM7:24 AM1:29 PM4:52 PM7:29 PM8:34 PM
26-MarTue155:40 AM7:25 AM1:29 PM4:51 PM7:28 PM8:34 PM
27-MarWed165:41 AM7:26 AM1:28 PM4:50 PM7:26 PM8:33 PM
28-MarThu175:42 AM7:27 AM1:28 PM4:49 PM7:25 PM8:31 PM
29-MarFri185:43 AM7:28 AM1:28 PM4:48 PM7:23 PM8:30 PM
30-MarSat195:43 AM7:29 AM1:28 PM4:47 PM7:21 PM8:28 PM
31-MarSun205:44 AM7:30 AM1:27 PM4:46 PM7:20 PM8:27 PM
1-AprMon215:45 AM7:31 AM1:27 PM4:45 PM7:18 PM8:26 PM
2-AprTue225:46 AM7:32 AM1:27 PM4:44 PM7:17 PM8:24 PM
3-AprWed235:46 AM7:33 AM1:26 PM4:43 PM7:15 PM8:22 PM
4-AprThu245:47 AM7:34 AM1:26 PM4:42 PM7:14 PM8:21 PM
5-AprFri255:48 AM7:35 AM1:26 PM4:41 PM7:12 PM8:19 PM
6-AprSat265:49 AM7:35 AM1:26 PM4:39 PM7:11 PM8:18 PM
7-AprSun274:49 AM6:36 AM12:25 PM3:38 PM6:09 PM7:16 PM
8-AprMon284:49 AM6:37 AM12:25 PM3:37 PM6:08 PM7:15 PM
9-AprTue294:50 AM6:38 AM12:25 PM3:35 PM6:07 PM7:14 PM


12-MarTue14:30 AM5:47 AM11:58 AM3:27 PM6:08 PM7:22 PM
13-MarWed24:30 AM5:47 AM11:58 AM3:27 PM6:07 PM7:21 PM
14-MarThu34:31 AM5:48 AM11:58 AM3:26 PM6:06 PM7:19 PM
15-MarFri44:32 AM5:48 AM11:57 AM3:26 PM6:05 PM7:18 PM
16-MarSat54:32 AM5:49 AM11:57 AM3:25 PM6:04 PM7:17 PM
17-MarSun64:33 AM5:49 AM11:57 AM3:24 PM6:03 PM7:16 PM
18-MarMon74:34 AM5:50 AM11:56 AM3:24 PM6:02 PM7:15 PM
19-MarTue84:34 AM5:50 AM11:56 AM3:23 PM6:00 PM7:14 PM
20-MarWed94:35 AM5:51 AM11:56 AM3:23 PM5:59 PM7:12 PM
21-MarThu104:35 AM5:51 AM11:56 AM3:22 PM5:58 PM7:11 PM
22-MarFri114:36 AM5:52 AM11:55 AM3:21 PM5:57 PM7:10 PM
23-MarSat124:36 AM5:52 AM11:55 AM3:21 PM5:56 PM7:09 PM
24-MarSun134:37 AM5:53 AM11:55 AM3:20 PM5:55 PM7:08 PM
25-MarMon144:38 AM5:54 AM11:54 AM3:19 PM5:54 PM7:07 PM
26-MarTue154:38 AM5:54 AM11:54 AM3:19 PM5:53 PM7:05 PM
27-MarWed164:39 AM5:55 AM11:54 AM3:18 PM5:52 PM7:04 PM
28-MarThu174:39 AM5:55 AM11:53 AM3:17 PM5:50 PM7:03 PM
29-MarFri184:40 AM5:56 AM11:53 AM3:17 PM5:49 PM7:02 PM
30-MarSat194:40 AM5:56 AM11:53 AM3:16 PM5:48 PM7:01 PM
31-MarSun204:41 AM5:57 AM11:53 AM3:15 PM5:47 PM7:00 PM
1-AprMon214:41 AM5:57 AM11:52 AM3:15 PM5:46 PM6:59 PM
2-AprTue224:42 AM5:58 AM11:52 AM3:14 PM5:45 PM6:58 PM
3-AprWed234:42 AM5:58 AM11:52 AM3:13 PM5:44 PM6:57 PM
4-AprThu244:43 AM5:59 AM11:51 AM3:12 PM5:43 PM6:56 PM
5-AprFri254:43 AM5:59 AM11:51 AM3:12 PM5:42 PM6:54 PM
6-AprSat264:44 AM7:35 AM11:51 AM3:11 PM5:41 PM6:53 PM
7-AprSun274:44 AM6:00 AM11:50 AM3:10 PM5:39 PM6:52 PM
8-AprMon284:45 AM6:01 AM11:50 AM3:10 PM5:38 PM6:51 PM
9-AprTue294:45 AM6:01 AM11:50 AM3:09 PM5:37 PM6:50 PM

Ramadan Timetables for Other Australian Cities 

Why is Ramadan so Important in Islam?

For Muslims around the world, the Holy month of Ramadan is a sacred time for worshipping Allah (SWT). It is a blessed period filled with many opportunities to devote oneself to Allah (SWT) and reflect on and celebrate His mercy and love.

Sawm: The 4th Pillar of Islam

Sawn, better known as fasting, is the fourth pillar of Islam. Fasting in Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, especially, is an important act of worship.

For the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, abstaining from food, drink, sexual relations and displeasing behaviour. Engaging in other acts of worship (ibadah), like praying (Salah), reading Qur’an or making dua, is also encouraged, as it allows the fasting person to earn even more rewards from Allah (SWT).

The Rewards of Laylatul Qadr  

The month of Ramadan also contains the most blessed of nights, which is known as Laylatul Qadr. In the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) says,

“What will make you realise what the Night of Power is like? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Angels and the Spirit descend upon it with their Lord´s permission with every command; There is peace that night until the coming of dawn.” 

Qur’an (97:1-5)

When does Ramadan start? 

As the Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle, the Holy month of Ramadan rotates back by approximately ten days each year.

Ramadan officially begins when the month of Shaban, the eighth month of the Islamic (Hijri) calendar, ends. This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on the evening of Monday, 11th March 2024. The first day of fasting will be on Tuesday, 12th March 2024. The exact timing is based on the sighting of the moon. 

When does Ramadan end? 

Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim celebration, officially marks the end of Ramadan. The Eid prayer is expected to be held on Wednesday, 10th April 2024. The exact timing is based on the sighting of the moon.

Eid al-Fitr officially begins at the start of the Islamic month of Shawwal, the tenth month of the Islamic (Hijri) calendar. This year, Ramadan is expected to end on the evening of Tuesday 9th April 2024, depending on the sighting of the moon.

Our Ummah, Your Zakat

Multiply your rewards from Allah (SWT) this Ramadan. Give the gift of happiness and hope to our brothers and sisters in need with Islamic Relief.

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