Share your warmth with families in Afghanistan this winter


Winter can be a difficult time for anyone, however, it truly becomes a fight for survival without the basic provisions. Millions of refugees, displaced and vulnerable people face the prospect of having to survive winter without adequate shelter, food or clothing.  

This is the case for Sanaullah and his family in Afghanistan. Experiencing ongoing armed conflict and drought in their local province, Badghis, they  had no choice but to flee their homes and resettle in a camp far from home. Without proper supplies, Sanaullah’s family was left stranded in freezing conditions. 

 “It was difficult to live and we had no choice but to move to Herat. Now, it has been five months that we live here (in the camps) 

 “During the winter, we had to live under the tents made from sacks. My children became sick due to the cold weather. Our tents were not strongly built and water came into them when it rained or snowed. 

This is when Islamic Relief stepped in to provide a helping hand for this family in Afghanistan. 

“Now, however, we are thankful for the tents and blankets we received from Islamic Relief in our time of need. We are glad that we can live a better life now.” 


The Islamic Relief family has been working in Afghanistan for more than 18 years, providing emergency relief and implementing life-changing development projects for some of the most vulnerable people in the country. Islamic Relief set up its Afghanistan field office in 1999.

Support families like Sanaullah’s this winter.