Palestine Emergency Appeal

May 2023 Gaza Air Attacks

On 10th May 2023, Israel launched air attacks on Gaza. At least 27 individuals have lost their lives since, with air attacks continuing into the next day. Over 76 people have been injured, and many of these are serious injuries

Journalists on the ground are reporting that “It is very difficult to cope in these circumstances,” and that “the city is basically crippled and citizens are expecting the worst.”

In such escalations, it is the innocent civilians who suffer, often left wounded or severely injured. We’re responding to the emergency by providing urgent medical supplies to hospitals and clinics, as well as food and other essentials as needed. Help us provide crucial, life-saving aid now.

The situation in Palestine

Violence, the Coronavirus pandemic, coupled with decades of political instability, have stifled economic development across Palestine and made challenging situations even worse. In addition, continued violence throughout Palestine severely affects the most vulnerable section of the population: children, many of whom suffer from psychological trauma.

  • Gaza described as an “open-air prison; One of the most densely populated place on earth
  • 2.1 million people live under siege, with land, sea and air blockade imposed by Israel
  • 80% of the population dependent on humanitarian assistance
  • 95% population do not access to clean water
  • Power outage that impacts essential services like health, water and sanitation
  • More than half of Gaza’s people do not have enough food
  • 70% youth have no employment
  • 60% of the all children are anaemic and others stunted and malnourished
  • Spiralling increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths.
Photo: Gaza Escalations (May 2021).

Islamic Relief in the Palestinian Territories

Since 1997 Islamic Relief has invested almost £109 million in humanitarian and development programmes to support Palestinian people.

Our projects include food distribution, medical relief, orphan sponsorship and Qurbani, in addition to establishing education centres, care programmes for traumatised children and a school for deaf people.

After an escalation of conflict in 2014, Islamic Relief launched an emergency appeal to restore basic healthcare, education, water and sanitation systems and also to provide local families with access to education and livelihoods support in order to ensure that families could rebuild their lives over the long-term.

We continue to offer a range of critical support across the region, including providing treatment for safer, cleaner water. We also deliver food to those in need and provide healthcare assistance to those in need, including the repair of a local clinic for children with disabilities.

For communities whose homes have been left damaged by the war, we’ve also provided furniture, children’s educational materials and clothing, along with recreational activities and psychosocial support.

With the Covid-19 pandemic now placing additional pressure on communities, we’re providing essential support to families in need by providing:

  • Financial support: We’re giving daily workers and those who no longer have an income cash vouchers to purchase essential food and hygiene items
  • Food: We’re distributing emergency food packs and providing hot meals to people in quarantine centres across Gaza
  • Medical care: We’re providing medical support, hygiene kits, and Covid-19 awareness materials to quarantine centres, hospitals and medical centres
  • Public safety: We’re helping to disinfect public places such as hospitals and schools to help reduce the risk of infection

Find out more about our work across the Palestinian Territories. Download a copy of our latest report.

Smoke rises from a 14-story building as Israeli fighter jets continue to pound a Palestinian building called “Ash-Shuruq” at Omar Al-Mukhtar neighbourhood in the Gaza Strip, on May 12, 2021.

Help The People Living in Occupied Palestinian Territories

We need your help to support our brothers and sisters. Please donate now to help us provide medical care and shelter to those who have been injured, and food, water and ongoing support to those who are desperately in need.

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