A Lifeline for Struggling Families in Gaza

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Over 4 months have passed since the intense bombing and siege of Gaza, but the horrors families face remain ongoing.  

Yet, despite the dire situation, there is hope. Since the start of the emergency, Islamic Relief teams have distributed over $11.6 million worth of aid throughout the Gaza Strip.

Our teams on the ground have been tirelessly distributing life-saving aid, ensuring those who need support receive it as soon as possible. Our support provides warm meals, food packs, medical supplies, blankets and mattresses, psychosocial support for children and more.

Our Islamic Relief staff in Gaza are also local on the ground and have themselves been severely affected by the war. They have been forced to flee their homes and have been displaced multiple times. But, despite the extreme challenges, they bravely carry on. So we can continue providing aid to as many people as possible.

Because we can, thanks to Allah SWT and your support. 

Even before the crisis began, we’ve always had a strong presence in Palestine. For over 27 years, we’ve been by the people’s side, and we will continue to be there, aiding those in need.

Islamic Relief’s Ongoing Gaza Emergency Response: A Snapshot

Here is a snapshot of the support we’ve provided over the last three months:  

October 8: We began coordinating with local partners to assess needs and prepare an emergency response. 

October 11: We began providing medical supplies to support health facilities in Gaza. 

October 12: Food pack distributions began. More medical supplies were also delivered to health facilities. 

October 31: Our emergency response scaled up. Food vouchers, warm meals, hygiene kits, blankets, psychosocial support and more were being provided to the people of Gaza. 

November 1: By this date, we had provided psychosocial care to 517 children, and support for 8, 700 orphans. 

November 15: Warm meals, clean water, hygiene and dignity kits, fresh vegetables, ready-to-eat items and other life-saving essentials were distributed. 

November 30: We continued to provide clean water and freshly prepared meals. We also ran psychosocial support sessions in shelters. 

December 1: End of humanitarian pause. Our teams were safe. We continued to distribute aid in the Middle Area, Khan Younis and Rafah. 

December 15: Daily distributions in Gaza continued. By this date, 915, 525 warm meals, and psychosocial support for over 37, 900 children had been provided, alongside other essential aid. 

December 31: More clean water, hygiene and dignity kits, fresh vegetables, warm meals and other life-saving aid were provided. 

January 1: The world welcomes a new year, but nothing changes for those in Gaza. Our teams continue to distribute aid to provide hope to the long-suffering people of Gaza. These include food packs, fresh meat and vegetables, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and other life-saving aid.

January 14: Today marks 100 days of the war on Gaza. 

January 25: Our teams distribute much-needed winter aid, such as warm clothes and blankets, amid freezing temperatures. 

February 4: Islamic Relief teams distribute hot, ready-to-eat meals to vulnerable families. 

From then to now, thank you for standing by the people of Gaza. Your support has been and continues to be a lifeline for families struggling to survive. 

In the ongoing crisis, Gaza needs your help

Help us provide urgent medical supplies, food and other crucial, life-saving aid now to families in need by giving with Islamic Relief.