Gaza Emergency Appeal

Gaza Needs Our Help Now

Last Updated 21.07.2021

In the aftermath of the latest escalation of violence in Gaza, Islamic Relief’s vital humanitarian aid continues – but we need your support to assist families in need. Two months after the attacks that killed over 254 people, including children, families are struggling to build back their lives

Gaza has been subject to widespread damage to its infrastructure and had thousands of homes destroyed. Many families have lost their homes.

With your support, we will be repairing damaged homes, as well as fixing healthcare facilities and schools, and providing them with the equipment they need to run smoothly.

We will also support special education centres and providing counselling to affected families. Our plans include supporting the repair of water systems so that homes are reconnected to water supplies, as well as upscaling our existing projects in Gaza which are a lifeline for many people.

Islamic Relief is on the ground in Gaza, helping to provide urgent food and medical assistance.

Already a third of the people in Palestine live below the poverty line. Thousands of families are struggling with financial hardship. Your donations can provide Gaza with the help it needs.

Help us provide urgent relief and save lives.


Decades after the conflict first began, life remains uncertain for many Palestinians – particularly in Gaza. Economic development has been stifled by political instability, constant conflict, and the continuation of blockades in Gaza.

As the violence continues, so do the number of casualties. Access to basic services worsen day by day, and the wellbeing of communities remains severely threatened.

Gaza Escalations (May 2021)


Due to constant conflict and instability, poverty has gripped over 30% of the Palestinian population.* Access to basic services, including education, healthcare, electricity and clean water sources, has deteriorated drastically over the years. Severe food insecurity has severely impacted Palestinian mothers and children with chronic illnesses such as anaemia, malnutrition, diabetes and hypertension on the rise.

As the humanitarian crisis persists, there is increasing need for medical and hospital supplies, food, clean water, energy, and psychosocial and economic support.

*World Bank 

Smoke rises from 14-story building as Israeli fighter jets continue to pound a Palestinian building called “Ash-Shuruq” at Omar Al-Mukhtar neighbourhood in the Gaza Strip, on May 12, 2021.


Islamic Relief has a long-standing presence in Gaza supporting vulnerable communities. 

Our work in Gaza is focused around food distribution, and addressing urgent health needs.

Your support for Gaza will enable our teams on the ground to deliver much-needed medical supplies and equipment including medicine, disposable items, medical kits and food for patients and medical staff. With homes destroyed and families torn apart, too many are homeless and in need of urgent relief. Your donation could be their lifeline.

Smoke rises from 14-story building as Israeli fighter jets continue to pound a Palestinian building called “Ash-Shuruq” at Omar Al-Mukhtar neighbourhood in the Gaza Strip, on May 12, 2021.

Our Sydney Fundraising Event in support of our Gaza

On 28 May 2021, Islamic Relief Australia held a Fundraising Dinner in Support of our Gaza Emergency Appeal.

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