Gaza Emergency Appeal


Decades after the conflict first began, life remains uncertain for many Palestinians – particularly in Gaza. Economic development has been stifled by political instability, constant conflict, and the continuation of blockades in Gaza.

As the violence continues, so do the number of casualties. Access to basic services worsen day by day, and the wellbeing of communities remains severely threatened.

On the latest hostilities in Gaza, Islamic Relief’s Country Director, Muneeb Abu-Ghazaleh, Islamic Relief Country Director in Gaza, said, “Islamic Relief is extremely concerned about the recent escalation in violence in the Gaza strip and the ensuing civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure.

“While we welcome the ceasefire that came into force this morning, it is imperative that the peace holds and that civilians are not only protected but supported to ensure that they can live in peace and dignity.

“Living conditions in Gaza have been deteriorating for years due to the never-ending cycles of violence – of which the recent attacks are only the latest round.


Due to constant conflict and instability, poverty has gripped over 30% of the Palestinian population.* Access to basic services, including education, healthcare, electricity and clean water sources, has deteriorated drastically over the years. Severe food insecurity has severely impacted Palestinian mothers and children with chronic illnesses such as anaemia, malnutrition, diabetes and hypertension on the rise.

As the humanitarian crisis persists, there is increasing need for medical and hospital supplies, food, clean water, energy, and psychosocial and economic support.

*World Bank 


Islamic Relief has a longstanding presence in Gaza supporting vulnerable communities. 

Our work in Gaza is focused around food distribution, and addressing urgent health needs.

Your support for Gaza will enable our teams on the ground to deliver much-needed medical supplies and equipment including medicine, disposable items, medical kits and food for patients and medical staff. With homes destroyed and families torn apart, too many are homeless and in need of urgent relief. Your donation could be their lifeline.

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