[NSW] “Unity Starts with U n I” with Sheikh Wesam Charkawi


Location: Berala Community Centre, 98-104 Woodburn Rd, Berala NSW 2141
Date: Sunday 3 Mar 2024 | Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Sheikh Wessam Cherkawi delivers an essentials masterclass on how to make the most of the blessed month of Ramadan coming up. Wherever you are at with your deen, this amazing month represents a chance to reform, re-invigorate yourself and rise in ranks in the sight of Allah (SWT).

Event Highlights:

  • Getting Inspired: How do we gain the motivation to make the most of this month?
  • Practical Tips: How to practically go about making the most of Ramadan – tips, advice, and more.
  • Avoiding common mistakes: How can you avoid mistakes that are commonly made in, from going too hard too soon, feeling “not good enough” to make the most of Ramadan, and more!

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