Airstrikes destroy home of Yemeni orphans sponsored by Islamic Relief


Already one of the poorest countries in the Middle East before the conflict escalated in March 2015, the Yemen War has now lead to what is now widely seen as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Extreme hunger is commonplace and many live in the shadow of starvation. Water is scarce. Basic but essential services have all but broken down. Livelihoods lie in ruins and children are growing up without access to formal education.

Home of Orphans Destroyed

Zakaria and Elham are two  Islamic Relief sponsored Yemeni orphans who have been supported since 2013. They are living in a very difficult situation due to the war especially because their home is located within a conflict zone.

In mid-April, the family woke up on the morning of a week day and left their home to complete their plans.  Zakaria and Elham went to their college for studies, their nephews and nieces went to the school, their older brother had gone to work and  their mother went to visit her daughter. Some of the other family members remained at home.

At around 10:30 A.M the store of weapons beside their home was  attacked by heavy airstrikes which caused a huge explosion. Their house is now completely destroyed and other houses in the same area were also damaged. Many were inside their homes when the airstrike occurred and later found themselves under the rubble. The ambulance and police came to get all family members out of the rubble and all of them are in good health alhamdulilah.

The mother had heard the sounds of the explosion as her daughter’s house is in the same area. She asked her neighbours about the sound and they responded that the explosion was beside her house. She became afraid and she harried up to her house.

When she arrived to her home she was saw that her entire home was damaged and instantly thought about the status of her daughters, sons and grandchildren.

The mother said, “There is No place to live in! No furniture, No ration, nothing! Everything is gone in few seconds!!”.

One of the older sons in the family used to work with motorcycles as a main source of income, unfortunately due to the airstrikes all of the motorcycles and equipment were damaged and and are now useless.

As the war grinds mercilessly on, the people of Yemen need your help today more than ever. With your support, we can continue to provide the lifeline they so desperately need during the Yemen War. Please donate to our Yemen Crisis Appeal now.