How Islamic Relief Supports Orphans Like Soad


For many of us, our parents are our world. Throughout our lives, they look after, shelter and love us unconditionally even after we leave the nest. Yet, around the world, natural disasters, war and ongoing conflict leave thousands of young children as orphans.

No matter how old we are, we can’t imagine what it’ll be like to live without our parents. But, as a vulnerable child in Gaza, Palestine, Soad was only 13 years old when her father passed away in 2011.

The death of a father impacts the wellbeing of Soad and her family greatly

It was extremely painful and hard on Soad to lose her father. Her father was her hero. He was a compassionate and generous man, who inspired her and encouraged her to follow her dreams. His support and guidance helped her deal with the negative attitudes of society towards her disability and provided for her needs. But, after his death, Soad struggled to get the accommodations she needed for her disability.

Currently, Soad lives with her sick mother and two sisters. Together, they, like many other families of orphaned children, face the harsh realities of life and a worsening financial situation. With no breadwinner in the household, Soad’s family struggles to get by without any external support.

Islamic Relief is helping families of orphans like Soad get back on their feet

Around the world, Islamic Relief Australia is providing direct support to orphans in need through our Orphan Sponsorship Program. Funded by the kindness and generosity of our global community, through the program, Islamic Relief can thankfully provide for more families like Soad’s and help grant orphans like her and her two sisters incredible opportunities, including in education.

Photo: Through Islamic Relief’s support, orphans like Soad are able to finish school and achieve their dreams.

Thanks to ongoing support, Soad was able to become one of the best-performing students in her last year of high school and achieved 91% in her final exams. She also had high hopes of attending university and being able to work. Through the higher education scholarship fund under the program, Soad was able to achieve this dream, as she is now studying Business Management at Palestine university.

Worldwide, Islamic Relief has been on the ground, assisting orphans such as Soad, who excel at school and want to enter higher education so that they can become the doctors, engineers and teachers of tomorrow. Together, through the Orphan Sponsorship Program, we continue to give thousands of orphans more opportunities to support themselves and contribute positively to their communities.

As the need for Orphan sponsorship continues to grow, by becoming a sponsor with Islamic Relief, you can make a real difference in the life of an orphan and help them build a brighter future. 

Help support an orphan and change their lives

By donating just $100 a month, you can give a child like Soad the chance to pursue their dreams and build a brighter future.