Sudan: Millions Pushed to the Brink of Famine


The conflict in Sudan, which has raged on for almost a year now, is pushing the country to breaking point. The ongoing hostilities have ripped the country apart. Now, huge swathes of the population are dangerously close to famine, with millions of lives at risk.  

This month, the United Nations stated that the country is “on course to become the world’s worst hunger crisis.”  

Across Sudan, 17.7 million people are facing high levels of acute food insecurity. 5 million people are just one step away from famine and more than 3.4 million children suffering from malnutrition.  

A Country on the Brink 

Approximately 8 million people across Sudan have been displaced since the crisis began in April. Many reside in camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps. But 2 million people have left the country, seeking refuge in neighbouring Chad, Egypt and South Sudan. 

The conflict has spread across the country, resulting in thousands of deaths.  

Almost 15,000 people have been killed so far. However, the real death toll is thought to be far higher as some areas remain extremely challenging to access.  

Looting has become common, while increasingly violent conflict has led to the widespread destruction of critical infrastructure. The health sector has all but collapsed. More than 70% of healthcare facilities in Sudan have shut down since the fighting began.   

All the while, the economy crumbles. Prices of essential items have skyrocketed by 83%, meaning essential foods and commodities remain out of reach for many.  

A Lifeline During the Sudan Crisis 

Islamic Relief has provided aid to more than 600,000 people since the crisis began, and we will continue to distribute food and cash assistance where we are able to reach civilians.  

Islamic Relief providing support in Sudan during the ongoing conflict, with cash grants and other essential aid
Image: Islamic Relief has helped those affected by the crisis by delivering food and cash assistance.

As the crisis reaches a critical juncture, Islamic Relief continues to join the United Nations and other groups in calling for an end to hostilities before more lives are ruined, and a generation is wiped out.  

The people of Sudan urgently need more international attention and support. There must be renewed efforts to secure an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated political settlement. Civilians must be protected. As famine looms, more must be done to help those most at risk.  

We will continue to provide life-saving aid to the people of Sudan and your donations can help us to make a huge difference.

Give relief to the people of Sudan

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