Empowering Women in Bosnia

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We are supporting our communities across the world, including communities impacted by poverty and hardship in Bosnia. The story of Begović Fata, a resilient mother and wife, exemplifies how sustainable development is not merely a concept but a lifeline for those striving to break free from the relentless cycle of poverty. Her journey, backed by the support of Islamic Relief, highlights the tangible change that focused aid can bring to individuals and communities. Her story illustrates how investment in agriculture and sustainable practices can build futures, transform lives, and bring about real, lasting change.

A mother of three from Gorazde and the wife of a war invalid, Fata’s life was marred by challenges following the war’s end. Relocating to Sarajevo, the family’s existence depended on her husband’s limited invalid income.

Recognising a future in agriculture, Fata courageously embarked on this path, viewing it not just as a means of survival but as a sustainable solution for growth. It was a love for the land and a belief in its potential that drove her. Starting with dairy products, Fata and her family invested time, effort, and passion into building their agricultural business from the ground up.

The turning point came when Fata received a loan of 1687 EUR, sponsored by the International Waqf fund (established by Islamic Relief) and free of any fees. This investment allowed her to expand her business into vegetable farming in greenhouses and increase dairy production.

What began as a necessity soon transformed into a thriving, environmentally-friendly business. Their organic products gained recognition from neighbors, local markets, and even one of Sarajevo’s largest hotels, Hotel Hills.

Fata’s journey is a testament to how sustainable development can empower individuals, providing them with the means to break free from the shackles of poverty and build a prosperous future. Her success in agriculture is not just a personal triumph; it symbolises a broader vision of sustainable growth that benefits both family and community. Through dedication, innovation, and the support of the International Waqf fund, Fata has turned her challenges into opportunities, reflecting the core values of Islamic Relief’s sustainable development program.