Story of Eid


By Priyanka Mukherjee

The morning is splintered with the Adhan calls,
 The first warm rays spreading their joy, 
Little Raabiya paddles out of bed excited, 
 For the special day of Eid-Ul-Adah is here, 
To celebrate, eat and play with her favourite toy, 

For no play is fun without, Safiya and Nim, 
A holiday is best spent with friends as a team,  
She rushes to the kitchen where mom,
  Is dressed and ready, to start her Eid prayers,
 To Allah Almighty, and the Protector of all evils, 

Mom, Raabiya whispers, “Eid is here”, 
I would like to wear a new dress and go out, 
To meet my friends and play and go on the roundabout,
 I have so much to tell them and then we’ll have a feast,
 Of roast beef and ranadang and some baklava sweet. 

My little one, mom begins,
 Outside is a place right now, where we can’t step in,
 Our world is battling an evil right now, 
Unless we all do the right thing and learn the how, 
To protect our families and friends and us, 
To submit in prayers and remember our lessons,
 From another battle that our father led, 
With his unwavering love for Allah SWT, 

Mom, will you tell me the story of a Great Prophet, 
Who led the Great War, with the evil and stoppeth, 
Said Little Raabiya, her eyes all shining, 
Mom gently picking her little girl and smiling, 

Long years ago, our Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had a dream,
 A command from his beloved Allah, 
To sacrifice his precious son, 
In his devotion unwavering, to submit to Allah’s command, 
The prophet and his son, met the Shaitan, 
Who tried to dissuade them from fulfilling Allah’s mission, 
The accursed tried to cloud Ibrahim’s vision. 

But such was their faith and love for Allah, 
That the father and son went to Kaabah,
 To submit to the prophecy and fulfil, 
The duty of every follower to its anvil, 
But just as the axe was to fell, 
And as the books all tell, 
In Ishmail place stood a ram, 
As a testament of the sacrifice and submission, 
The Prophet has passed a test and gained divine inspiration. 

For dear child, difficult times may arise to test us, 
But our faith in Him will guide us, 
 Just as it did thousands of years ago, 
For the Prophet who followed His words and  Let go,  
Of what was most dear to him, 
 And know,  
That He guides us and looks over us, 
At all times and know,  

That unflinching devotion and love for Allah,  
Is our celebration of Eid-ul- Adha. 
On this day, we offer a Qurban, 
A sheep, a camel, a cow or a ram
 To draw ourselves near to our Creator,  
For, Allah is the Eternal Giver; He asks for nothing but devotion and prayers, 
Good deeds and good thoughts and generosity for the poor. 

My little one, Eid is a celebration of our faith in Allah, 
Of sacrifices and resilience and lessons from the past, 
To remember that we need to defeat, 
The evils that surround us and repeat, 
Allah SWT name and follow His shown path.