Saving Innocent Lives from the Winter Cold

With millions facing the harsh  winter cold without protection, our 2023 Winter Appeal aims to provide essential support, offering warmth, nutrition, and resilience to families in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan and more.

Give hope. Donate for warmth and comfort

"A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world"

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

What is the Winter appeal initiative?

The Winter Appeal Initiative is our response to the dire consequences of extreme weather on numerous nations. It addresses the loss of lives, displacement of millions, and damage to critical infrastructure. Our goal is to support the most vulnerable, including internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and host communities, during the harsh winter.


The program provides Winter Food Items and Winter Non-Food Items, including family food packs, supplements, heaters, warm clothes, and materials for reconstruction. This comprehensive approach ensures the well-being and comfort of those facing severe winter conditions.


We tailor the efforts to each locality’s specific needs during the winter of 2023-24. We prioritize collaboration, transparency, and communication with local communities and partners to address their actual challenges. As some places struggle with heat, others with shelter, etc.


The project runs from 1st Oct 2023 to 1st Apr 2024.

Winter Compassion Across Borders

The Winter Appeal Initiative will be active across 18 countries during the 2023-24 winter season. These countries have been carefully selected due to the severe impact of extreme weather or poverty, leading to the displacement of millions and increased vulnerability among communities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide assistance to approximately 89,526 affected families, benefiting over 475,516 individuals. Additionally, it’s estimated that around 90,000 families will be able to safeguard themselves from severe harsh cold weather by utilizing the winter kits we provide. Your support will help us reach and support a wider population in need.

Why Choose Islamic Relief Winter Appeal

Islamic Relief Winter Appeal is your opportunity to make a difference. With a commitment to humanitarian work guided by Islamic charity principles, we offer a comprehensive approach, providing Winter Food Items and Winter Non-Food Items to vulnerable communities. Our community-centric approach ensures that your support aligns with the actual challenges faced by those we aim to assist. Join us in bringing warmth, comfort, and hope during the challenging winter season


Our winter appeal is implemented by Islamic Relief’s distribution activities during the winter north season. The winter season brings many hardships to vulnerable communities in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. Islamic Relief focuses on helping the most vulnerable in projects aimed at refugees, internally displaced people, and host communities living in inadequate shelter. The projects will be tailored to each locality and include distribution of much-needed blankets, mattresses, warm clothes, coal and other heating items to families who need them most.

The initiative operates in 18 countries during the 2023-24 winter season, focusing on areas severely impacted by extreme weather and climate change.

The initiative provides Winter Food Items, Winter Non-Food Items, and essential supplies to help vulnerable families cope with the challenges of winter. This includes food packs, warm clothing, heating sources, and more.


We prioritize collaboration and transparency in our efforts. We work closely with local communities, partners, and authorities to ensure that aid is distributed fairly and effectively, with thorough monitoring and evaluation processes in place.


Winter Storms Worsen Syria Crisis

As winter storms and below-zero temperatures hit the Middle East, thousands of Syrians are fighting to stay warm amidst ongoing conflict and economic strife.