Yemen Cholera Crisis


Yemen suffers from a cholera crisis

Yemen is suffering on many fronts, including with the spread of disease. Covid 19, cholera and other diseases such as diphtheria, dengue, and malaria are ravaging the country. Cholera is a particular problem, with the current outbreak in Yemen being the biggest in record time. At peak, a person died every hour of cholera. In the absence of adequate medical treatment, the death rate can exceed 50%, but with improved treatment and medication this can drop to below 1%.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the reduction of mortality and morbidity associated with the cholera outbreak and reduce the further spread of the epidemic in the targeted priority districts of Hodedah, Aden, Amran and Hajah Governorates.

Islamic Relief Australia is contributing to a massive initiative to manage cholera. The interventions include:

  • Early detection, case management, prevention measures and improved access to health care services in targeted locations.
  • Improved skills and knowledge among health workers, Community Health Volunteers and community at large on case management and prevention of Acute Water Diarrheal.

These health interventions will not stop the spread of cholera alone. Other members of the IR family and other aid agencies are contributing to WASH projects that support access to clean water and improved sanitation.

Number of direct beneficiaries:

  • 156 health service providers
  • 160 community health volunteer
  • 13,230 cholera cases of all community gender types.

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