Dr. Hossam Ibrahim – a Noble Leader and a True Humanitarian

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Dr Hossam Ibrahim was the Chairman of Islamic Relief Australia since its launch in 2010 and directed many philanthropic initiatives. He was a forerunner of excellence, leadership and social work in the local Australian community and exercised a significant global influence. 

 He passed away suddenly on the 6th of January and his presence has been deeply grieved and missed from his family, colleagues and those he interacted with.

Dr Rawa Gebara is a member of the Board of Trustees. Dr Gebara worked very closely with Dr Hossam to drive Islamic Relief Australia to the position it has reached today.   

Below is a memoir, written by Dr Gebara in the name of Dr Hossam.  

 Dr Hossam Ibrahim was a true visionary whose work and life served as a powerful example to men everywhere. Losing one who is like a family member to us through death brings feelings of emptiness that no words can convey.   

 I had the privilege of working with him in Islamic Relief for many years. We frequently shared charity work and public platforms to advocate for a sustainable future for our planet. To urge action to help and protect vulnerable people around the world. To have a more just and peaceful world.   

Hossam Ibrahim coaching his son’s team,  the 2018 under 9’s team in the local league of Canterbury-Bankstown areas for Lakemba National Sports Club.

This exceptional man has left us. I have great admiration for his unwavering engagement in helping his friends and everyone who sought his help. He would leave his family and travel just for the sake of helping others for the sake of Allah.  To his dearest wife he would say, “that work will last for me”. He is a source of inspiration and a role model for all of us and for those who fight for the same values and the same causes.

His death shook the Muslim community in Sydney and around the world on Saturday 5th January 2019. Our brother Dr Hossam Ibrahim passed away leaving behind a significant legacy to learn from, and many lessons to reflect on.

He was loved and respected by all who knew him. He was a sincere, driven, selfless and passionate man and an incredible humanitarian who lay down his life for the love of Allah. There is no greater love than this. Once the heart tastes the sweetness of love and sincerity towards the Creator, nothing will be more valuable or more pleasant than this love. This empowers and dominates any other love in our hearts, even if this love seems very sweet to us.  

The best love is this feeling that makes us reach the love of God, even more, that plants mercy and kindness in our hearts and brings understanding and conformity to our minds.  

So now the One whom you did everything for His love invited you, my brother, to go to Him, and He is the Most Generous who will grant you the best in the Hereafter. Therefore, we are not sad because you left this life. You may have left to a better stay, and a better eternal Gift. We are sad because we will miss you, our beloved brother. Nothing will prevent our souls from departing our bodies at their appointed time. We accept the destiny of God!  

Through all this, I can’t say anything except: to Allah we belong and to Him we will return.  

The world mourns and celebrates the extraordinary life of this remarkable man. Dr Hossam devoted his life to peace and caring about people and helping them. He gave his heart this sentiment of tranquillity and happiness which challenged his complacency in this life. His love for God and His Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was the leading priority in his life.  

He left the world with thousands of people praying for his soul. Praying that he be granted the highest rank in paradise. Praying that he is forgiven and blessed in the hereafter.  

 While their light still reaching our eyes, the stars in the sky have moved from their place and they have long since died. However, their light still guides us in the dark. For all of us, you will be that distant star in the night sky.  

May Allah grant Dr Hossam the highest station in Paradise and bless his grave with light and ease. May Allah shower him with Mercy and Forgiveness on the day of judgement. I pray for his wife and his children to continue to embrace his values and follow his path.  

 No words can express the loss his wife feels. In spite of this, she is thankful to God for giving her a real gem of our times. A man who inspired selfless love and sacrifice for his people humbly and quietly. His friendly smile will never be forgotten.  

May his selflessness and courage continue to be a beacon of hope for the vulnerable people to be freed from all forms of deprivation and poverty.  

 My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.