Your Qurban in action: helping families in war-torn Afghanistan


Offering your Qurban or Udhiya is an obligation from Allah (SWT). For families living in poverty, your Qurban donations offer a vital helping hand. Alhamdulillah, year after year, your generous Qurbani donations enable us to provide much-needed relief to struggling communities – all over the world.

Last year alone, our global family supported over 3.1 million people in 34 countries across the globe, including across Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe – all because of the generosity of people like YOU.

When you donate with us, rest assured that your Qurbani reaches some of the most hungry and vulnerable communities so they can enjoy safe, fresh halal meat on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

In 2019, just one of the many places where your Qurbani served families in need was Afghanistan.

Years of war, ongoing instability and natural disasters have left many people in Afghanistan struggling to survive. Ingrained poverty is leading many parents to struggle to feed and look after their children.

With over a third of Afghans living on less than $1.90 a day – not even the price of a takeaway coffee – poverty kills more people than conflict.

As a result, children are left malnourished, with 41% suffering from stunted growth as they aren’t getting the nutrients they need.