Islamic Relief Launches an Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

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Tuesday August 16, 2021

Today, Islamic Relief Australia launches an emergency appeal for Afghanistan in response to the mass displacement of civilians following the recent instability. It is expected that there have been tens of thousands of families displaced across the country.  

Following an assessment by Islamic Relief in Afghanistan, an appeal has been launched to raise 5 million GBP (9.5 million AUD) to support aid efforts in the wake of the humanitarian crisis.  The capital city of Kabul and the provinces of Balkh and Nangarhar have been identified as areas in need of immediate support.

Islamic Relief will immediately help displaced families with food, emergency shelter, hygiene and water storage kits.

Due to the conflict, there is large scale exodus of people from rural areas to cities like Kabul.  With assessments ongoing, we already have close to 18,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in need of humanitarian assistance.

Further assessments continue in regions such as Nangarhar where 28,000 people from Kunar have reportedly been displaced. The conflict builds on an already insecure situation in Afghanistan, which – without humanitarian intervention – could fall into famine. Droughts have left at least 13 million people facing a food crisis and up to 9.5 million potentially experiencing food insecurity.

Islamic Relief has been working in Afghanistan for over 20 years, and are one of the few aid agencies that have been able to continue working in Afghanistan during the military incursions.

Recently, our teams on the ground have distributed 13,061 food packs to the most vulnerable families in Kabul, Nangarhar, Balkh, Bamiyan, and Kapisa provinces.

Our Covid-19 response in Afghanistan has reached over 308,514 people, and we continue to raise awareness and support women facing gender-based violence.

Islamic Relief Australia’s Director of Programs Asif Sana said:

“We are deeply anguished by the situation unfolding in Afghanistan. Protracted war, droughts and COVID-19 has ravaged the region with millions on the brink of hunger and famine. The political instability in the region has dire consequences for the country and millions fleeing the conflict. As a humanitarian and development organisation we have to do all that we can to help thousands of civilians affected by this conflict.

How to help families in Afghanistan

The crisis in Afghanistan has forced thousands of families to flee their homes. Donate today to help families in Afghanistan.