Zakat: your 2020 in action!


“…and those in whose wealth there is a recognised right, for the needy and deprived” (Qur’an 70:24-5)  

Thank you for giving your zakat to help vulnerable families globally. As a faith-inspired NGO we are guided by the Prophet’s (PBUH) way of life (Sunnah) and the Qur’an. We take your trust in us very seriously and work tirelessly to ensure your zakat donations are not just a simple transaction, but rather a means to end global poverty and suffering. Your zakat reaches those who need it most in the form of medicine, education, food, water, shelter, and so much more. May you be rewarded for you generosity and faith.  

In 2020, your zakat has touched the lives of over 28,751 people in dire need all over the world. These are some of the ways in which your zakat has been used.  

Providing warmth for refugees and disadvantaged communities in winter 

In 2020, we used your zakat to provide warmth to refugees and displaced families battling freezing winter conditions across Jordan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria. In these parts of the world, severe storms and blizzards make it almost impossible for vulnerable families to stay warm and dry during winter. Uprooted by war or conflict, the greatest struggle is for refugees and displaced communities who are left exposed to the extreme cold. As part of our 2020 winter campaign, your zakat supported 16,000 men women and children with essentials like clothes, fuel, blankets and mattresses.   

Community-based healthcare for displaced persons in Afghanistan 

With decades of conflict in Afghanistan and the surrounding region, internal displacement is at record levels. Many have had to return to Afghanistan from neighbouring countries and thousands more are internally displaced, leading to a growing humanitarian crises. Using your zakat donations, we are funding a primary healthcare project largely focussed on mothers, children and young people. As part of this project, we will work to deliver: 

  • improved maternal healthcare including antenatal and postnatal care for mothers; 
  • nutrition support and psycho-social counselling for pregnant women; 
  • improved nutritional levels for under-five children; and  
  • intensive health support for severely and acutely undernourished children.  

We will also strengthen public health services through improved community-based health points and referrals, with learning and self-development opportunities for young people through youth clubs and community activities. The project will help over 4,000 community members, primarily mothers and children.  


A safe space for Syrian refugees in Jordan 

Syria is suffering as a result of a war that seems to have no end in sight. Syrian refugees are spread all over the Middle East, with many families experiencing trauma and poverty. These refugees have reported overwhelming feelings of isolation and depression, and rising levels of family violence (both verbal and physical). With very limited access to mental health and social services in Jordan, Islamic Relief runs a safe, communal space where women and children can come together, socialise, learn and also heal.  

Your zakat means that we can continue to provide vital support for Syrian refugees dealing with the psychological trauma of conflict in our safe space in Al-Ramtha, northern Jordan. The safe space provides 290 women and children – from both host and refugee communities – critical psychosocial support to help them on their journey to recovery. 


Improving the economic conditions of vulnerable communities in Mindanao, Philippines

This is a three-year development project in Mindanao, Philippines that aims to improve the economic conditions of 1,000 women, people with disabilities and youth in some of the most vulnerable communities in the region. The project is focused on supporting the local community become self-sufficient by increasing the production and marketing of local products.


Building the resilience of vulnerable communities in Indonesia 

Your zakat is benefitting over 3,000 community members in Bima City, Indonesia. The project is assisting mainly farmers achieve two main goals; to learn to prepare for and manage local disasters, and to save lives and livelihoods. Community members are being assisted to improve their farming techniques and to develop additional livelihoods through small business opportunities. Beneficiaries will be supported by training and mentoring initiatives as well as start-up capital. 


Alleviating suffering at home 

Your zakat has also been used to relieve suffering in Australia during 2020. Although Australia is a largely developed country, there are pockets of chronic disadvantage. To address this, we have a partnership with Brothers in Need where, amongst other activities, we support an initiative to provide food and essential items to the homeless.  

Your zakat is making a difference locally and more broadly – in countries that have experienced conflict and disasters, and in communities battling crippling poverty where development is so badly needed.