Your zakat in action


In 2019, your zakat is not only helping to fight poverty through sustainable change, but it is providing immediate emergency relief when crisis hits. In the face of hunger, conflict, poverty or disaster, your donation is helping to build healthier, stronger communities.

See below for some of the ways your zakat is making a difference to those who need it most.

A safe space for Syrian refugees in Al Ramtha, Jordan

Your zakat means that we can continue to provide vital support for Syrian refugees dealing with the psychological trauma of conflict in our safe space in Al Ramtha, northern Jordan. The safe space provides women and children – from both host and refugee communities – critical psychosocial support to help them on their journey to recovery.

“The psychosocial support sessions were helpful – the idea of talking about your fears, expressing your feelings, and listening to others’ stories is useful. I met new friends – most of them at the Zumba class…I have seen a big difference in my daughters’ personalities.”
– Rihab, 36-year-old mother and Syrian refugee, Jordan.

A safe educational space in Aceh, Indonesia

In 2019, we used your zakat to complete the development of an earthquake resistant multipurpose community and education centre in Pidie Jaya, Aceh, Indonesia – one of the hardest hit areas from a devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake in 2016.

Emergency medical support for Syrians

Along with in-kind donations, your zakat continues to deliver critical medical support to Syrians injured as a result of the ongoing conflict. The project spans across 30 health facilities including hospitals, primary health care centres, hospitals and physiotherapy centres in the Aleppo and Idlib Governorates.

Improving the economic conditions of vulnerable communities in Mindanao, Philippines

This year, with your zakat donation, we were able to commence a three-year development project in Mindanao to improve economic conditions for women, people with disabilities and youth in some of the most vulnerable communities in the region. The project will deliver: i) increased income through social enterprises; ii) improved conditions for social enterprises to thrive; and iii) increased participation of women, youth and people with disabilities in the community. The project will establish and strengthen partnerships for producing and marketing local products and help the local people connect with local, national and international markets.

Building the resilience of vulnerable communities in Indonesia

In 2019, we commenced a new project to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities living in Bima City, Indonesia. The project, Convergence of Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihood Resilience for Communities (CODRAL), aims to achieve two main goals over the next three years: firstly, to improve the ability of highly-vulnerable – predominantly farming – communities to prepare for and manage local disaster events, and secondly, to save lives and livelihoods. It will encourage community members to modernise and strengthen their existing farming techniques, and also diversify their livelihoods through small business opportunities, which will be supported by training and mentoring initiatives as well as start-up capital.

Supporting the higher education of Palestinian students in Malaysia

Your zakat is helping to support 21 Palestinian students who are currently studying at universities across Malaysia in various fields of study. This project aims to (indirectly) help strengthen certain institutions in Palestine through the enhanced skills and expertise of these students, most of whom will return to Palestine and apply their learning at home.