Yemen: Providing essential nutritional support


Yemen update: “I have difficulty getting enough food for my family,” says Ahmad. “Sometimes, I cannot provide even one meal a day. It has been very difficult for me to watch my children suffer due to lack of food.”

Due to the ongoing conflict in Yemen, hundreds of thousands of citizens are without jobs – including Ahmad. On top of this, the nutrition situation in Yemen remains alarming. An estimated 7.4 million people require services to treat or prevent malnutrition, including 4.4 million who are in acute need. This includes 3.2 million people who require treatment for acute malnutrition: two million children under the age of five and 1.14 million pregnant or breastfeeding women (Yemen Humanitarian Needs Overview – 2019).

With Ahmad’s family struggling with poverty, his 16-month-old daughter, Sumaia, had acute malnutrition until Islamic Relief intervened.

Once Sumaia was admitted to a health clinic supported by Islamic Relief, her treatment began and she was placed in a Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program. Since then, Sumaia’s health condition has improved significantly and her weight has stabilised.

“I am very thankful to Islamic Relief and their donors for providing such free services. You saved my daughter’s life and many others. Thank you so much,” says Ahmad.

What we’re doing to help

Islamic Relief is contributing to reduction of morbidity and mortality associated with acute malnutrition among under five year olds and pregnant and breastfeeding women in refugee, internally displaced and host populations. We provide preventative and curative nutrition services/interventions at health facilities and at community level targeting the most vulnerable groups in the community (children under the age of five, pregnant and breastfeeding women).

We need your support

The outbreak of COVID-19 has exacerbated the dire situation in Yemen, as almost 1,703* people have been confirmed to have the virus with 484* deaths and 840* recoveries. The pandemic is now at full blown community transmission while the health system is overwhelmed and now in danger of full collapse under the strain of COVID-19.

We urgently need your support to provide vital aid to those who do not have enough to feed their families and now fear the loss of their loved ones: Please donate here.

*Current as of 29 July 2020