Muna’s Volunteer Experience


“I started volunteering with Islamic Relief Australia for 2 days initially, but soon that turned to 5 days a week, says Muna Ghansar, essaying her volunteer journey as life changing. The values at Islamic Relief have had a powerful impact on my life and I carry them with me everywhere.”

I was grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at Islamic Relief Australia. One of the first things I noticed was the commitment and dedication of the staff. Working with a humanitarian organisation is not for the light-hearted. It means working without timelines and finding solutions to deep rooted problems. It can be mentally exhausting to see communities go through so much. Yet, it is rewarding when one has the opportunity to work with a team so passionate and committed. This really helped me work to the best of my abilities. I started volunteering with Islamic Relief for 2 days and that soon turned into 5 days.

At Islamic Relief, I learnt the ropes of communicating with donors and working with different teams such as finance, fundraising and admin. The different tasks and assignment, helped me gain experience and grow professionally. I was able to help support the Ramadan campaign and the Emergency Appeal for Gaza.

The values at Islamic Relief have had a powerful impact in my life, which has encouraged me to live by them and carry them with me wherever I go. I feel a sense of satisfaction and peace to know an ounce of my efforts & service can make a difference in someone’s life. Islamic Relief Australia has not only embodied in me these values but has also taught me various essential skills that have played a major role in my personal development & growth that has contributed to the success in acquiring my current role, Alhamdulillah.

The organisation has inspired me to do more for the community and the needy. I consider myself lucky to have witnessed and learnt about the services of the organisations and its work with the most vulnerable.

The mentoring & constant feedback that I have received at IRAUS (Islamic Relief Australia) is commendable and truly appreciated. The staff here has always encouraged me to do better and have in turn become an extended part of my family.

The most heart-warming experience & highlight of my journey was my visit to ‘My Home Disability Services’. It was truly an eye-opening experience which gave me an outlook to a world that I previously had never experienced. Everyone that I interacted with during my visit had so much love and warmth.  I often reflect on this meeting; to take the opportunity to remember the lovely blessed souls who had so much love and affection, something we forget while chasing our goals and dreams in this fast paced world.

Personally, Islamic Relief has given me a platform to constantly learn & develop my capabilities with professional development skills that has helped me succeed in my career. I have recently gained employment in a large recruitment agency at the Commercial Finance Department. I owe this to Islamic Relief for an enriching & fruitful volunteering experience.

I would encourage others to volunteer in IRAUS by letting them know that this world has a lot of people suffering and you could be the light at the end of the tunnel for them.

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