Qurban: How an Islamic Legacy Empowers Societies

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Giving Qurban is one of our greatest opportunities, as Muslims, to empower those most in need. As an important duty for every able Muslim, fulfilling this great act of worship allows us to share our blessings with our brothers and sisters suffering the most. And give them the nutrition they need to enjoy Eid Al Adha without worry and look toward a better tomorrow.

As members of humanity, of one Ummah, we all want to empower one another. We all wish everyone in the world, especially our brothers and sisters in need in countries like Gaza and Sudan, to have fair access to basic rights and opportunities. Access to quality education, employment, food, healthcare and more.

That’s why, one of the greatest opportunities we have as Muslims, is to empower others through the power of giving. Especially through Qurban, in these blessed first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah.

What is Qurban?

Qurban is an Islamic tradition specific to Eid Al-Adha. It takes place annually on the Islamic (Hijri) Calendar, in the 12th and final month, Dhul Hijjah.

Performing Qurban means to sacrifice an animal, either a goat, sheep, cow (or buffalo) or camel, for the sake of Allah (SWT). This is done in commemoration of the sacrifice of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS). When Ibrahim (AS) showed his willingness to sacrifice his beloved son, Ismail (AS), for Allah (SWT)’s sake despite his heavy heart, Allah (SWT) rewarded them by replacing Ismail (AS) with a sheep to sacrifice instead.

boy with sheep for qurban

Qurban is an important duty for anyone who has the means to do so. With how important this duty is to our supporters, we, at Islamic Relief Australia, take your Qurban as an Amanah. An Amanah to ensure it is given to those most in need with Ihsan and empowers their community for generations to come.

How Does Qurban Empower Communities?

Every year Islamic Relief’s Qurban program catches international recognition. Why? Because we work to ensure our program has the most impact.

Since the campaign began in 1986, it has been part of our greater mission to eradicate food insecurity from the world’s most needy. 

Today, as many as 783 million people globally face chronic hunger. Conflict, spiralling economies, climate extremes and rising costs of living are combining to create an escalating food crisis. By distributing fresh, high-quality meat to millions of the world’s most vulnerable, we help relieve thousands of families from food security, thereby reducing world hunger.

However, Qurban provides more than just immediate aid. In the long term, we also empower and develop communities with our Qurban projects so they no longer have to be dependent on direct aid, steering them towards a sustainable future.

Sustainable Development with Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief looks at Qurban as a way of supporting a local community. The meat product is just a part of a more significant process. It strengthens local economies and feeds its most vulnerable. It also empowers local livelihoods through employment.

Qurban gathers and empowers local livelihoods. Farmers and locals prepare and grow the animals in advance, ensuring they meet the right criteria per prophetic tradition. Local butchers will assist in cleaning and packaging the meat. Transporters will distribute the meat to families in need.

Family with qurban

The value of Qurban should not be limited to its short-term impact on families and communities. It’s about implementing and creating a lasting positive cycle within society and our Ummah.

Where, thanks to your support, last year, our global family was able to reach over 3.4 million vulnerable people with Qurban across over 28 countries. Allowing those in need to not only receive the nutrition they need to relieve their hunger, but also realise their full potential, paving their pathway to a brighter future.

This Dhul Hijjah, Share Your Blessings

Help the world’s most vulnerable families enjoy their Eid when you give Qurban with Islamic Relief.