Lebanon Emergency – Everything you need to know about our response


Due to the nature of this emergency, we’ve received a lot of questions about how we’re getting aid into Lebanon. So we’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions about how your generous donations are supporting the people of Lebanon.

Does Islamic Relief have a program specifically for victims of the blast?

Is Islamic Relief working through the Lebanese government?

Is Islamic Relief being prevented from cleaning the streets?

Is Islamic Relief experiencing any bank hold or transfer issues?

Does Islamic Relief have long-term plans for survivors?

Does Islamic Relief have development projects for Lebanon?

How is the money being used?

All funds are directed to Islamic Relief’s humanitarian operations in Lebanon. We are providing food supplies, medical aid and hygiene kits for immediate relief.

How are you supplying food?

We are working with trusted suppliers who still have existing supplies in their warehouses. The more funds we raise, the more we can get these supplies out to support families through the impending food shortages that will soon start to hit.

How do you have access so fast?

Islamic Relief has been on the ground in Lebanon for the past 15 years. We have an office with staff and volunteers who work every day to deliver urgent support and implement development projects for vulnerable locals and refugee communities.

How is the money transferred to Lebanon?

Through our international Islamic Relief Worldwide office in the UK, which then transfers it to the Islamic Relief Lebanon office. It does not go through the Lebanese government and we have not experienced any holds or transfer issues.


What is Islamic Relief’s response time?

We started distributing aid on Friday 7 August for our Phase 1 Response. This includes food supplies, helping people clear debris to improve mobility and to support the 300,000 people currently homeless due to the blast. Phases 2 and 3 will seek to help those affected to rebuild their lives over the coming months.


How can we trust donations are delivered?

Transparency is our key value. This is why we post pictures, share videos and most importantly, we account for every dollar given through reports on our website. For more information on how your donation is used, please click here.