Cox’s Bazar Refugee Camp Fire


A massive fire has swept through the Balukhali Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar is the biggest refugee camp in the world with more than 600 000 people living there. Most of the population are Rohingya refugees. The fire happened on the 22 March and impacted more than 40 000 individuals. These families have lost their makeshift homes and tents, and all their belongings. Public facilities such as water points, latrines, 6 health facilities and hospitals, learning centres and markets have also been destroyed. It is reported that 2 World Food Program nutrition centres and a food distribution point have been destroyed. Life is extremely hard in the camps and these fires have devastated the lives of more than 8000 households directly and countless others that rely on the public facilities that have been destroyed. 

Islamic Relief Bangladesh has a strong staff component on the ground and have been working in the impacted areas previously and are now providing life-saving support.  

Immediate needs include – 

1. Non Food Items (Lungi, Thami, Kitchen Utensils, Mosquito Net, sandal) 

2. Drinking Water & Sanitation Facilities (Emergency Latrine, safe water) 

3. Emergency shelter support (Tarpaulin, Rope, Bamboo, 2-inch nails, Claw hammer, Knife, Cash for hiring labor) for the most vulnerable families 

4. Providing COVID 19 Sensitive Hygiene Kits (Bathing Soap, Detergent powder, sanitary napkin, Plastic Bucket and Mug, disposable mask, ORS, WPT) to the WASH vulnerable families 

5. Instant Food Support (Flattened Rice, White Sugar, Fortified Biscuit) 

We are on the ground now assessing immediate needs and providing urgent humanitarian aid. Our teams have deployed additional support from the local field office in Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. 

Help provide urgent relief and donate today.