Top 10 Brisbane Restaurants You Need to Try This Ramadan During Iftar Time


With Ramadan drawing near, Muslims across the world are busily getting through the last of their Ramadan preparations as they count down the days to the blessed month. For many of us, the last few days before Ramadan means doing as much as we can to keep strengthening our mind, body and soul for the month of fasting ahead to gain the best rewards. 

But there’s also another aspect of Ramadan that we anticipate the most: Iftar! Iftar is the meal served after sunset during Ramadan, to break the day’s fast. For many Muslim families, it’s a time when we all eat together and cherish each other’s company, as well as thank Allah (SWT) for the food we’re able to put on our tables. 

However, it can sometimes be hard to come up with a menu that satisfies everyone every Iftar time. This Ramadan, save yourself some stress by ordering from the best halal restaurants in your area. Here are 10 Brisbane restaurants you should try to make your Iftar extra special.

Farah Restaurant, Spring Hill

Here’s a restaurant that serves high-end Persian cuisine for everyone of all ages to enjoy. This Ramadan, do yourself a favour and head to this restaurant for some delicious kebabs and lamb shanks and be served by incredible staff who go above and beyond to make their customers feel welcome.

Downtown Istanbul, Hawthorne

With a menu that brings the delicious aromas and tastes of the Turkish food bazaar to Brisbane, you can enjoy this restaurant of traditional flavours – with a modern twist! From favourites like Turkish pizzas, pides and grilled meats as well as unique new menu items, enjoy your next Iftar gathering here and make yourself at home!

Eden Garden Indian Restaurant, South Brisbane

Renowned and prided for its excellent menu, Eden Garden Indian cuisine is a beloved favourite among Brisbane tourists and locals. Serving the best and most authentic Punjabi Indian cuisine, this family-run restaurant will leave no stone unturned to give you a dining experience to remember. 

Sendok Garpu, Indooroopilly

For some of the best authentic Indonesian cuisine in Brisbane, look no further than Sendok Garpu. With a menu overflowing with family recipes and traditional Indonesian dishes, this restaurant brings the diverse tastes of Indonesia right to your table when you dine in!

Mamak Tandoori House, Camp Hill 

Popular among locals, Mamak Tandoori House specialises in delicious Malaysian and Indian cuisine for you to enjoy with your friends and family. From samosas and pakodas for starters to rich meals platters and curries, this restaurant has plenty of exceptional menu items that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Mu’ooz, West End

Dine-in at Mu’ooz for a delicious selection of North-East African cuisine. Enjoy slow-cooked meats like lamb qulwa and derho zigni or curries with spongy injera pancakes served with the friendliest service. In addition to an incredible dining experience, this non-for-profit restaurant also supports and provides work opportunities for African refugees within Brisbane. So come in with your friends and family to enjoy a tasty Iftar and support a good cause.

Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant, South Brisbane

From the vibrant rugs and lanterns adorning the walls, this restaurant brings the feel of Turkey to you. Serving the most delicious and authentic Turkish meals in Brisbane with incredible hospitality, dining at this restaurant for Iftar will definitely leave you with a glowing lasting impression.

Taste of Saffron Restaurant, Greenslopes

Only a few kilometres away from Brisbane CBD, this restaurant of delicious traditional and authentic Persian and Mediterranean recipes is one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets. From perfectly char-grilled kebabs to slow-cooked stews to delicately flavoured Saffron rice to tempting desserts, you surely enjoy yourself when dining in this restaurant for Iftar.

Lemon Chillies Indian Restaurant, Runcorn

Lemon Chilles brings together the great and vast tastes and flavours of the Indian sub-continent all in one place. With ingredients that are locally produced and freshly sourced, this restaurant provides a unique dining experience that caters to everyone’s tastebuds. Have your next Iftar here and enjoy a world of authentic and delicious Indian dishes all served with the best hospitality.

Bamiyan Restaurant, Camp Hill

With unique blends of herbs and spices, the freshest vegetables and tried and tested recipes, this family-run restaurant caters for all with the best of service. From Kabuli Pallow to Kebabs, to Mantu to the variety of Perikees, taste the best of Afghanistan when you come to have Iftar at this restaurant. 

From East to South to the centre of Brisbane city, there is no shortage of halal restaurants available for you to order from or dine in. But no matter where you go in Brisbane, or any city in Australia, for Iftar time, take the time to enjoy yourself with the people you’re with. After all, you’re all gathered together to make sure Ramadan is the best it can be for sake of Allah (SWT).

Ramadan is the perfect time to give zakat

The holy month of Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to use the Power of Zakat. It is a time for us to pause and reflect, leave behind bad habits and replace them with good ones, increase our acts of worship and good deeds, and practice self-discipline – all for the sake of Allah SWT.