Syria update: 14 October 2019


Since Turkey launched a military operation in northeastern Syria last week, many people have fled their homes and many more remain at imminent risk of death, injury and displacement.

The new wave of violence threatens to displace up to 500,000 people, restrict humanitarian access to affected regions and disrupt the delivery of life-saving aid. Intensive fighting across the Turkey-Syria border has already claimed seven lives and had an impact on basic services such as water, health care, education and electricity.

Expressing grave concern for the Syrian people, the UN has issued a statement calling for the Protection of Civilians (POC) in the northeast.

Our teams in Syria and in neighbouring countries, such as Iraq, are currently monitoring the situation and preparing to scale up support to meet the increasing needs of vulnerable people.

Since the war started more than eight years ago 220,000 civilians have died. Over 11.7 million people remain in critical need of humanitarian assistance. At least six million people remain displaced within Syria while over 7.8 million people have been forced to flee their country, mostly to neighbouring Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan – making it the largest humanitarian crisis of our time.

Islamic Relief has been on the ground providing vital support to Syrian refugees, internally displaced people and host countries since the beginning of the crisis. With your help, we’ll continue to provide protection and assistance to those who need it most.

Islamic Relief Worldwide’s comprehensive Syria emergency response includes:

• Medical assistance
• Food assistance
• Shelter assistance and housing grants
• Water and sanitation assistance
• Essential non-food items such as baby kits, blankets, clothing and heaters
• Support to help refugee families meet their urgent basic needs
• Livelihoods and educational support
• Psychosocial assistance for individuals and families left displaced by ongoing conflict

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