Projects Update: February 2020


Projects Update: In 2019, we expanded the number of long-term, multi-year development projects. With 2020 this will be no exception. This year, we will work alongside our country offices in Indonesia, Afghanistan and Pakistan to launch three exciting new projects across these countries. In Afghanistan we are focusing on maternal and child health activities for families that have been internally displaced by conflict and other Afghanis who have returned from being refugees in other countries – both groups have ended up in temporary communities and camps that do not have adequate access to basic needs like health care.

Pakistan update: we are planning to help out-of-school children who beg and work in the informal economy to go back to school. Ultimately, by providing them access to basic education while also helping their families.

Indonesia update: we are supporting a project that is focused on strengthening IR Indonesia for more long-term success. Ultimately so that it can become a more viable and effective local NGO. This is part of a global campaign to strengthen local civil society in developing countries, called the ‘Localisation Agenda’ – you can read more here.

Furthermore, we continued our humanitarian efforts and supported vulnerable people in Gaza and Syrian to cope with harsh winter conditions. We also continued to support besieged communities in northern Syria with critical health services.

Looking Forward

Heading into February we are looking forward to starting our preparations for Ramadan and Qurban.

At Islamic Relief, we aim to empower disadvantaged people so they can transform their lives for the better.

With a focus on sustainable development, our programs give vulnerable communities better access to basic needs and essentials. Furthermore, services and the opportunity to improve their livelihoods and lift themselves up from poverty and vulnerability.

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