Water Wells

Clean and safe water is the key to life.

Clean water and sanitation are important building blocks for public development such as education, health, nutrition, and livelihoods. It is estimated that globally there are 2.3 billion people without sanitation facilities and 844 million people without access to safe and clean drinking water.

Islamic Relief Australia has committed to providing clean, safe, accessible drinking water in Bangladesh, a country with chronic water and sanitation problems. Bangladesh has a very high water table and as a result relatively shallow wells are able to tap into a water source.

Water wells have traditionally been the way that water is provided to small communities in Bangladesh. In fact, almost 97.4% of the people rely on wells as their only source of drinking water.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Ahmad)

Establish an ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), build your water well today:


  • Why does a well with Islamic Relief Australia cost a bit more than another charity I’ve seen?

    The IRAUS pricing noted in the table above is generally higher than the wells offered by other charities. The reason for this is that Islamic Relief is committed to building better quality, more sustainable, safer and more durable wells. There are too many circumstances where Charities offer communities water solutions by simply drilling wells and installing low quality water pumps that do not solve the water crisis that the communities face in the longer term.

  • Why should I choose to build a well with Islamic Relief?

    The Islamic Relief Australia approach to wells has the following benefits:

    • The approach is holistic to ensure that communities have a complete WASH solution that includes hygiene training, latrine facilities and clean water.
    • The well price includes the construction of a latrine for the community.
    • The ground water is tested by experts to ensure that is has no impurities (such as arsenic or iron) before the well is sunk.
    • The Islamic Relief wells have a longer life than most alternatives.
    • The wells are constructed with a concrete base platform that makes them flood proof.
    • The community is provided with training on how to maintain and service the well. The community also receives a maintenance tool kit to undertake the maintenance.
    • The community receive hygiene kits and training on maintaining good hygiene.
    • The donor has the option to have a plaque with their name on it installed on the well.
    • The donor is provided with a certificate with the details of the well, this includes the GPS coordinates of the well.
    • Our partnersin Bangladesh build wells that are in hard to reach areas and assist communities that are often ignored. These wells are therefore more expensive to install.