Winter Appeal

For many of us, the winter months are a time when we put on our warm clothes to brave colder weather with our family.

For millions of others, living far below the poverty line, the same winter months and the same winter weather are a question of survival.

The coming winter will be a struggle for many, with ice and snowstorms hitting in some parts of the world.

More and more families without protection from these harsh conditions face difficulties or worse, deaths as they huddle around refugee campfires trying to stay warm in these winter months.

Last year’s winter appeal, Islamic Relief offered assistance to over 450,000 people in 15 countries, including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Myanmar, Syria, and Yemen.

Your donation helped make a difference between saving old and young people or leaving them out in the winter cold without any support and protection.

Life is miserable, and the responsibilities are heavy on my shoulders.

Imagine the fear and feeling of helplessness that would grip you as bombs fall on your neighbourhood as you leave behind your family members, friends, and home.

Umm Abdo felt exactly that, now a refugee forced to flee the war battles in the winter months. She describes winter in refugee camps as miserable and lonely.

Photo of Umm Abdo for Winter Appeal. Thanks to your generous donations, Umm Abdo and her family are now safe.
Photo: Umm Abdo had to leave behind her family members, friends, and home to survive the cold winter. Thanks to your generous donations, she and her family can stay warm this winter.

You changed her life.

Your donation to the winter appeal gave Umm Abdo enough coal to stay in her tent with her family without having to go in the cold winter to collect firewood. Your donations helped Umm Abdo’s family stay warm in winter.

How can you help with this Winter Appeal?

In the cold winter months, you can help someone get through with a donation.

Donations will go to blankets, mattresses for those who need them most; winter clothes to stay warm and along with other heating items.

Video: Help thousands of families get through the harsh winter months.

Winter Appeal FAQs

  • What is a winter appeal?

    Our winter appeal is implemented by Islamic Relief’s distribution activities during the winter north season. The winter season brings many hardships to vulnerable communities in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. Islamic Relief focuses on helping the most vulnerable in projects aimed at refugees, internally displaced people, and host communities living in inadequate shelter. The projects will be tailored to each locality and include distribution of much-needed blankets, mattresses, warm clothes, coal and other heating items to families who need them most.

  • What countries will Islamic Relief Australia support in the winter appeal in 2021/2022?
    • ✔️ Afghanistan
    • ✔️ Bangladesh
    • ✔️ Bangladesh (Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals)
    • ✔️ Jordan
    • ✔️ Myanmar
    • ✔️ Pakistan
    • ✔️ Syria
    • ✔️ Tunisia
    • ✔️ Yemen
  • What items are included to help people in the winter appeal?
    • ✔️ Food packs
    • ✔️ Blankets
    • ✔️ Mats
    • ✔️ Mattresses
    • ✔️ Winter clothing
    • ✔️ Wood stoves
    • ✔️ Home improvements, for example central heating / doors / windows / firewood and coal.

    (All needs are based on needs assessment)

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