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For almost a decade, the conflict in Syria has taken a terrible toll on the civilian population. The humanitarian situation continues to worsen amid shortages of food, medicine and fuel. Conditions remain grim. Tens of thousands of people are living out in the open and many are struggling to meet even their basic needs.

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Syria disaster
Photo: Destroyed buildings caused by the ongoing conflict in Syria.


The ongoing crisis in Syria has left over 11 million people in desperate need of help. Six million displaced people live in dire conditions with little access to food, water, sanitation and healthcare, facing daily threats to their lives, dignity and wellbeing.

Syria Impact image
Photo: Syrian family flee their homes to escape the ongoing violence.


As part of one of the largest global organisations still operating in Syria’s northwest, the generosity of our supporters means that Islamic Relief remains a lifeline for many. With the Syrian health system close to collapse, our teams on the ground continue to supply much-needed medical disposables and critical care to people who have been injured in the conflict or in accidents.

Photo: Islamic Relief staff providing lifesaving essentials to Syrian refugees.

Case study:

Fadi is a 12-year-old boy from the countryside in Southern Idlib. He was injured during a rocket attack in his village.

“Our village has been under heavy shelling for several months. My feet were hit by shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade that landed near our house,” he explains.

Fadi is no stranger to seeing violence. “Many children and women die every day because of the war in our country, Syria. I remember how the shell landed just a few metres away from my place. The dust is swarming and the screaming of injured people is rising.”

In recent times, hospitals in Syria are increasingly becoming targets of attacks, which means many Syrians are left without access to proper medical care.

“I was afraid for my life because there was no hospital in our village serving the injured. The hospital was shelled and completely destroyed. Rescue teams in the Civil Defence called me to a hospital on the Syrian-Turkish border. Thanks to God and with the efforts of doctors, the shrapnel piece was extracted from my body,” Fadi says.

Photo: Fadi is a 12-year-old boy from the countryside in Southern Idlib.

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